I've been playing around with amfora as the default browser for newsboat, which works well when the atom/rss feed is over http which aims at the gemini pages. (Amfora's built-in subscriptions work better when update feeds are served over gemini natively.)
@derek I also played around with Elpher (emacs client) but had some issues -- was wondering if that would integrate will with your doom emacs setup.

@duckhp @derek I noticed that too, but then thoughymt he might still do YT to encourage trending to snowball new viewers. I prefer LBRY but it does freeze every 20-50m or so, glad to have libre options.

@derek I added some lines in the keybindings section of my config similar to yours, but nothing sticks. My homepage changes, so I know I'm editing the right config, but none of my keybindings work. What the heck am I doing wrong? πŸ˜‚

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