@derek As long as software availability is not an important factor, then I guess Solus is okay.

@derek I used Solus before switching to Arch and it's a very good distro.

@derek "Solus is a Linux you can recommend" <- really? There was a brief period 2008-2010 where I was both using Ubuntu and could recommend it to anyone. Since 2010 I've mainly been using Debian and while it might be the "Universal OS" I still don't feel comfortable recommending it to nontechnical people. :( Arch... forget about it.

@zykotick9 solus is great for non-tech people coming from windows!

More experienced linux users will say it's repos are tiny. And I guess they are, but I have found everything I need from it and most likely everybody coming from windows won't see anything missing either.

@derek I used it for a while.. It was actually good and very stable but not for me since I am a power user and its repos were small.

@derek I fully agree that budgie is how Gnome should have been. Rather than what they are now.

@derek I've been running 4.2 full time for a month or so ... idk if its just the theme but its kinda almost perfect for me... there's a few things that lack configurability in the panel but u can usually get it how u want.. It can actually sometimes require some tricky config for development stuff as well and I've def had to build more things than on Mint... but overall I think Budgie is just my favorite standard type environment. I just love the look and feel and the package manager is fast

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