@derek Nice, and even nicer when it's on Lbry :)

@derek I use gopher on my phone with DiggieDog. Gonna have to check this out.

@derek I love that the default port is 1965.

@derek Gemini and Solid could be an interesting combo to use...

@derek I don't have a big problem with . I like the idea of a language that's strictly defined like that. is interesting but, like , I find it too restrictive. I kind of like something like , just to simplify html and yet have **some** ability to format things.

@derek I don't see any reason why we need to jump ship. We can use things like to make our own pages simple and free of all the nastiness that make modern websites so awful. I agree that any media beyond simple images should be handled with external software, though, but then that software has to be URI-aware.

@derek looks and feels beautiful, just like the web should be! Thank you for sharing.

@louis @derek does it still have those images on the page? Trying to figure out if it's just my phone browser that won't display them.

@PestToast Don't know what you mean. It depends on the client if linked images are shown inline or now. To you use Eloha browser for iOS?

@louis nah, I tried Ariane and Deedum from the f-droid store. Nether of them seemed to show images

I do like the idea of Gemini. There are many use cases where it's preferable over http, like personal blogs, sharing grandma's recipes, etc…

However, I can't use it to make my simple calculator websites because it requires Javascript. I'd like to know how to create a calculator site in Gemini.

Hey @derek,

since you mentioned alternative web protocols, what is your opinion on [IPFS](ipfs.io/)?
It's P2P and might pave the way to a really decentralized (almost) serverless web.

I would love to read (or better hear :youtube: ) your thoughts on that.

@cinnabarowl Did you happen to catch wind of Brave rolling out support for IPFS? brave.com/brave-integrates-ipf

@wmfu I heard about it, but forgot again. 😳

However it's another reason for @derek to do a video about it. 😉

@cinnabarowl I've been loyal to Brave for almost a year now. NYE 2020 marked my second full year of being off the major social media silos but something deep inside me yearned for interactions of others so I decided to find my way to Mastodon and other "alt-tech" sites so after discovering DT's page on Odysee I've been trying to use Firefox more. DT's videos are very inspirational and I really like everything he would been a godsend 20 years ago when I left Windows 😂

@wmfu When I went full Linux in the late 2000s I found internet forums to be of great use!
...You know back then, when _forums_ still were a thing. 👴

However I really appreciate @derek 's and other Linux Youtuber's work for pushing FOSS technologies and making the greater public aware of them.

I always could resist the temptation of FB, Twitter, and that stuff. So Mastodon is actually my first and only social network! 😜

@derek To honour the efforts, I've built an Internet radio station directory on : gemini://gemini.tunerapp.org/

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