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Just, don't try Mailspring ..

I tried Mailspring out for a couple of minutes the other day, and it's been the very first time I've been literally spammed from utilizing any email client πŸ˜•

@10leej I don't doubt they've got that going as well. No doubt spamming their own signups in the same manner as with people who happen upon their client.

( i mean this: aur.archlinux.org/packages/mailspr ing/ )

@10leej @derek Don't install any other software, run your entire system just on Thunderbird there's probably a plugin for what ever you want.

@BrodieOnLinux @derek I have thunderbird, Firefox, obs-studio, and two other things installed and thats it.

@10leej @derek I was still using Thunderbird until I watched this video. I decided to give NewsFlash a try, and I like that you can browse Feedly RSS feeds out of the box to find feeds. I borked my categories a bit though by importing my Thunderbird OPML. Not really sure how to fix it yet lol

@tomcat @derek Yeah my issue is I dont really use enough RSS feeds to justify a standalone client.
Quite literally all I use RSS feeds for are the reddit save feature and the local news hourly feed.

@derek One great way to read rss feeds is to create mastodon bots from each RSS feed.

I have a bash script scheduled with cron which launches multiple instances of Feed2toot and then posts the feed items to newsbots.eu mastodon instance.

The only issue with this solution is copyright

@Jimi Viita-aho I like the RSS feeds suport on Friendica.
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