@derek My thoughts for why Rust is good as a Rust programmer - the language enforces more safety features making more stable applications, while also producing compiled fast-to-run applications. It also has the big advantage of an integrated package system, so no need to manually install libraries when you're coding.

@derek hard to rewrite existing programs since totally different logic.
Good enough if writing something from zero

@rob @derek There is a [thread on reddit](reddit.com/r/rust/comments/27j) that claims the answer.

TL;DR: Rust is named after a [fungus](en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rust_%28) that is robust, distributed, and parallel.

It is also a substring of "robust".

@rob @derek because their COC is designed for people that break down easily

@derek rewrite everything in rust unironically. So many exploits based on race conditions and buffer overflows.

@derek might have to look into learning Rust then (along with Go [potentially]).

Do you know if there's a Rust based WM yet?

@derek installed all of them and loving it. Probably gonana start learning rust and try creating games with it.

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