@vib @derek I don't know. I just clicked the share link and pasted it. It's not embedded is the app I'm using. Might need to find a different one.

@PestToast @derek on the web it does embed. I think there might be a toggle for embedded content on Husky.

@vib @derek I checked preferences and noticed that this was off, so I turned it on, but nothing changed. Oh well.

@vib @derek
Trying fedilab now. Seems to work on here. Sorry, @Husky your app looks nice, but I'd rather have embeddable videos.

@PestToast @vib @derek fedilab definitely has more features and it's their philosophy.

I'm trying to not implement things that aren't present in the API. Embedding is not supported by the Mastodon or Pleroma backend, so of course it's not there.

I'm glad you found client that you like. It's more important to me that you all use Fediverse than a software you prefer.

@Husky @derek @vib I still luke the look and feel of Husky better. It feels less like a work in progress

@PestToast @Husky @derek I tried fedilab too, for some reason it seems a lot slower. It's laggy on my phone and pictures take a bit to load(but its a chance it was the instance in this case idk).

@derek I never used yay because I prefer the way aurutils handles things, even though it's a little complicated. But I like that it doesn't abstract away the process of compiling and packaging things from the AUR and doesn't "replace" pacman.


@derek It seems like every so often, a new aur helper is crowned as the new favorite. Yaourt, Pacour, Aurman, and then Yay. Why are we changing this time? What's so special about Paru?

I'm still a beginner and I use pacman. Is there any advantage of yay over pacman?

@flvc1 Pacman uses the official Arch repositories while yay uses the AUR.

@Nikolas That's why I can't update AUR files with pacman. Thanks for your response!
@Nikolas I'm more familiar with Debian based distros so far.
@Jacob Thanks! I'm using Manjaro and it makes everything easy from the graphical interface, but I have to take the time to learn more about the console commands.

@flvc1 You're not using all of Arch if you don't use an AUR helper, you get so much more software that way.

@Matt Madness I used to update the system with pacman, then the AUR packages with Pamac. The reason I'm using Manjaro is because of AUR which removes the need for a universal package manager like Flatpak. I still have a lot to learn.

@derek pikaur and pamac are the supreme aur helpers, DT.

@derek Question : I've been using pacman -Syu && yay -Syu to update my entire system.

Do I understand correctly from your video that using it just with yay/paru (or just running paru) is sufficient , it will update everything (arch repo and AUR)?

@kenny You could just use yay and it will update both arch/manjaro repos and aur packages

@kenny @derek That's my understanding. These aur helpers are actually pacman wrappers and invoke pacman.

@derek Thanks for introducing bat.
It's pretty powerful compared to cat

@derek Oh sweet. I've been installing everything the "hard" way. Didn't know about yay. This is very helpful. Thanks.

Didn't noticed the config file of paru.
Makes it a lot easier to configure the config file once instead of using always the wanted parameters in the syntax 🤪


Claims that yay "isn't really being maintained anymore"

Last update: 9 days ago

What's going on here? What am I missing?

the statement is just wrong. Yay won't be very active, but it's going to be maintained for a while. Paru is pretty good though.

@derek I've been using paru since I watched your video. Yesterday I uninstalled sudo and installed doas. After that, paru was little bit buggy. So I had to re-install sudo

@derek but... why? yay seems to be actively maintained, last commit was two days ago. I just tested paru but don't see any benefits over yay.

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