"Hey, DT. Why LibreOffice Instead Of OpenOffice?" Plus Other Questions.

@derek because OpenOffice is what LibreOffice used to be IIRC and Apache has pretty much stopped developing OpenOffice AFAIK

@derek Hey, DT. Why not promote Odysee channel instead of YouTube? Wouldn't that be more appropriate here on Mastodon?

@rob I don't post directly to LBRY. It is synced from YouTube so when I post the vids here, there isn't a LBRY link yet.

@derek It's a little disappointing that Odysee/LBRY only seems to get sloppy seconds. 😞

@rob @derek It can be difficult for creators to handle manual uploads to multiple platforms. It takes a lot of time and attention.

@unfa @derek I understand that but it doesn't make the situation less disappointing. Lots of people would like to see a successful alternative to YouTube, but any alternative is always destined for sloppy seconds.

@rob @derek Im recently uploading my videos to PeerTube first and promoting that a few days before eI publish them on YouTube, but it takes time to do. I wish I could somehow automate this dual uploading.

@unfa @derek I would not think it too difficult to come up with some kind of middleware to automate the process. An app or service, either running locally or in the cloud, should be able to take a video and publish to each platform on your behalf.

@unfa You can do it the other way round: Load it up to YT and then grab ist from there with all meta information into Peertube.

@rob @derek

@herrdoering @derek @unfa that doesn't solve the issue mentioned earlier.

@herrdoering @derek @rob Sometimes PeerTube won't get 1080p quality, and it's potentially going to be re-encoded so quality will suffer a bit. Probably most people won't notice though...

Hey @derek
Do you have a PeerTube instances where you upload copies of your videos ?

Not trying to pull you away from YouTube. Infact I believe you should be on YouTube to reach and inform larger audience. But it is nice to have backup.

@murtezayesil derek already answered before that he doesn't use or plan to use peertube. He does use LBRY/Odysee

I posted that toot before watching the part where DT talked about his backup solution. I was suggesting it as a remote backup of videos but LBRY also can count as that as well.

@derek Brave isn't free software. The FSF said that Chromium isn't free software.

I would never use Brave even if it was free software, but it's important to know that Brave is only open source, a term that evil companies like Google or Microsoft use just to clean their image, to be seen as good guys. But they aren't. Neither is Brave

@werwolf @derek

I see the FSF promotes there own browser named IceCat ( it's based on Firefox)
I don't know if it's any good though ?

@derek Why an external SDD + nextcloud instead of a NAS which handles both file backups and sharing of files between devices?

@amdac A NAS is something I plan to invest in soon actually. It would eliminate my need for Amazon.

@derek @amdac definitely a good investment. QNAP and Synology make great devices. I highly recommend either one

@derek ad vocem the email clients and thunderbird. Have you used/ever considered using PGP web of trust for email privacy? Thunderbird got big updates but still lacks many features. You might want to take a look at it. It's supposed to give you out-of-the-box encrypted email.
btw. just joined distrotoot!

About the backups question, you said you backup your files on an external SSD ?

I'm assuming you automate that process, do you use anything for that ? or do you just use a cron job for it ?

What do you do if your hard drive crashes ? do you just reinstall everything and then pull in the dotfiles ?

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