Just posted this on my YouTube community tab ( ). Thought I'd share it here:

"After four days of being open for business, we are approaching 1,000 users over on For those of you looking for a friendly Mastodon instance that is mostly populated with Linux and FOSS nerds, check it out! If you decide to signup, do review the rules. And above all else, be respectful to others."

@derek, thank you for introducing me to the fediverse.

@aurel_c @derek What do you think could be done to cause a huge explosion of users in the fediverse like what happened to Signal recently?

Really stupid question as I've been on this Mastodon instance for a few years, is it possible to follow a mass amount of people from another instance? Can you follow a whole instance? Obviously I'm following you, it would be good to see the conversations your lot are having in my own feed..

@b3nji I don't know a way to follow an entire instance.

Okay, fair enough. Keep up the fantastic work! 👊👍

@derek Congratulations on the rapid growth. I joined after I saw your video about it (watched on ).

I respect the approach you have with and

@derek For anyone like me who is too dumb to find the link to the rules after signing up, it is

The rules are mostly common sense.

@derek Congrats, DT! You inspired me to set up my own pleroma instance.

@derek Thank you for your support and being with us Derek...

Congrats. I hope to see your instance grow further.

@derek I'm new to Mastodon, it feels weird but it's cool. :arch_linux:

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A mastodon instance created by Derek Taylor, creator of the DistroTube channels on YouTube and LBRY. Derek is an advocate for free and open source software.