@derek When will you start uploading your videos to a peertube instance.

@derek I know... just wondering cause I'd quite like to have em served straight up natively on the fediverse :) Not making hard demands though, keep up the good work!

@derek @anjum any chance of LBRY/Odysee URLs, over here, instead of YT in future ... pretty please? ๐Ÿ˜

@paul @anjum Maybe one day. But right now I don't actually post to LBRY myself. Those videos get synced from YouTube. The sync can take a few minutes or a few hours. So that's why you get the YouTube links.

@derek do you plan to post videos on a peer tube instance ?

@erwan I have several terrabytes of video content. Who's willing to pay for that web hosting? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

@erwan @derek Hosting your own PeerTube instance is very burdensome. All that bandwidth and storage necessary gets expensive quickly.

@derek @erwan

I am able to have terrabytes of slab storage for very cheap (~$5-$10/mo) with buyvm right now, and @p is spinning up a new server and hosting solution. If you wanted to talk rational prices and a good admin to work with for a peertube instance, you might be able to remove the prohibitive cost of self-hosting this way.

@derek Hmm... Just uninstalled firefox and moved to Brave (was using it anyway for some things). Might give this a shot!

@derek I like it. Definitely a viable replacement for Firefox and slightly more resource friendly as well. It's Firefox without all the ๐Ÿ’ฉ

@derek > LibreWolf is a fork of Firefox
Think I'll pass.. Considering switching to Qutebrowser though, it is surprisingly capable

@derek Please talk about ungoogled-chromium for arch

@sampa @derek
Why for arch specifically, isn't it the same on all distros?

@derek switched recently now running brave/librewolf. After their post I fully deleted my Mozilla account, just so disgusting and painful to hear from a open source company.

Is it possible to define LibreWolf in appimage format as the default browser?

@derek Thanks for this video! I have been on Brave but dislike the Chromium base (and assoc to Gulag). Mozilla turned evil years ago but I do like the browser. I have set up Librewolf but have one big problem: Restore Session does not work! Is there a fix?

@derek Hey Derek, could you please review dooble & Viper browsers? The are very imperfect but are the best alternative to Firefox & Blink engines. These QTwebengine browsers need some lime light!

@derek: Just started using LibreWolf myself recently, it's pretty great! :D

@derek I have Linux Mint 19.3 didnt find out, how to install Librewolf, can I make a request to Linux Mint to put LibreWolf in software Manager

@derek There is a way to get new tab page to be your home page on both Firefox and Librewolf (tested Librewolf last night)


@derek hi DT .. i was just brainstorming and remembered a addon for firefox/librewolf to deal with the new blank tab.. don' know if you've heard about it but it's called tabliss and is in my opinion quite configurable . So I just thought i would give you a heads up about it. Take a look at it , you might likr it... //signed Onii

@derek #LibreWolf browser scales nicely on #swaywm -- after 2 weeks on #brave I've made LW my default, deleted my #firefox account and purged ~/.mozilla -- now more than ever it's important we have diversity of choice with so much monoculture

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