@kirby Hey look! It's my favourite Unix shell <`)))))<

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DT mentioned this site a long while back on a live stream, I'd forgot about it until now


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@coolbsd this is cool
Watch "Can an iMac G3 with OpenBSD be my daily driver?" on YouTube

@slips Yarr har fiddle dee dee, being a pirate is alright to be

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@kirby Over the years, I've found there's only really 2 main contenders for desktop-Linux. Debian and Arch, or a distribution based on either. I can't speak for Red Hat-based, Fedora etc as haven't used them in over a decade

@kirby Ah! I take it you're on a laptop? Was going to suggest Gentoo, but, compile times. If you can run a VM and have a spare few days, it's worth the install even if you ditch it afterwards

@kirby y u no try openbsd πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆπŸ₯Ί


Do you know why they call him Franky "Four Fingers" Doug?

Because he makes stupid bets, with dangerous people

And when he doesn't pay up, they give him the chop, Doug

And I'm not talking about his fuckin' fore-skin either

@SplitShockVirus From experience over the years, Apache is garbage - too many bloated modules, even on a basic install

nginx configuration really is a lot more human-readable (and minimal)

Never tried caddy. lighttpd seems similar to nginx though

I guess if you've stuck with the same server software for many years, it's hard to switch

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