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@safiuddinkhan Mark, are the alligators true that you're a lizard?

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DT mentioned this site a long while back on a live stream, I'd forgot about it until now

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@coolbsd this is cool
Watch "Can an iMac G3 with OpenBSD be my daily driver?" on YouTube

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That's gitolite gone, now I need to learn how to use stagit before removing cgit

Debating switching from gitolite + cgit to git-daemon + stagit

We're almost at the 1 year mark of DistroToot

Learned you can actually install pip locally

What's your favorite font? Need suggestions on which to try'

Me: tries login' into porkbun account
Porkbun: lol *oink* nun4u

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Do I look like I know what a jpeg is?

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