is anyone on here running LG 34WK95U-W 34"UltraWide 5K Nano IPS LED Monitor? I have one and with the latest linux-lts kernal update my computer fails to keep connection with the monitor. I can downgrade to a previous lts version but I'd like to find out why this is happening and get it fixed.

Thank yo for your time


@Ashfall what does this mean "computer can not keep connection with monitor" ? Is your dpms kicking
off too quickly ? Does monitor go to sleep and you can't wake it up ?

@dammn my bad on the vagueness. When computer reboots I can access the grub menu ( running Arcolinux so I think it's a custom grub ) after that it'll stay connect before turning the monitor off saying "no signal". Now if I do nomodeset lightdm fails but I stay connected and can log into the terminal and access the system.

Sorry for some of the vagueness still pretty green when it comes to this kind of stuff for linux

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