So I added little piece of technology to my treadmill last night: - smart sensor which provides cadence, speed and incline information. Basically it will turn your dumb treadmill a smart machine. If there are any runners here, I strongly recommend if you use treadmill often as I do due to weather conditions.

@rootbsd get well soon buddy .. sickness does not last long :-). Have a load of vitamins overflow your body and you'll be good in no time.

How's everyone's day going ? I hope that this freaking round of meetings is over for today. At least I can say that I helped 1 person to move on with his problem on which he wasted 3 hours. Damn thing returned list instead of expected string and his code was failing for this reason. So re-iterating what I said few days ago: if your problem requires more than 15mins to resolve, move to something else then get back to it. You are looking at the solution, you just don't see it.

so I guess one of the use case would be an automation which would allow developers quickly set up their test env and in case of disaster, quickly recover the whole lab .. mmm.

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I made a little progress with and libs around yesterday. It's a really neat thing to play with however it seems like I am not creative enough to find a proper use case for those libs. There is a demo coming up tomorrow where I should present basic functionality of the libs and ideas about implementation into existing code base.

How's everyone doing today folks ? We've got some nice weather forecast going on now so I am looking forward to see the numbers from solar energy production this week. Let's hope for more sun so I can cover my heating bills during the winter.

Has anyone here used and ? I would need some examples to get started ..

How's everyone doing today ? Did you get your issues resolved ? If not, forget about them for now. It's too late to work on anything which requires more than 10min of your time.

"Not the first, certainly won't be the last"

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How's eveyrone doing in this beautiful day ? Just got my hands on - interesting project. Has anyone played with and ?

Anyone skilled with and package development ? Nothing in particular, just need some quick examples to get me started.

Y'all ready for the weekend ? :-) No work on computer planned for this weekend, yay !

wondering what happens next in Spain ... I guess nothing, like anywhere in the world. People will realize that there we're all equal however there are certain entities in the society who are more equal than others.

For some reason my mind is craving for La Traviata opera today. Anyone with this opera on the disk ?

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