Eniac versus a modern reconstruction of the machine, it went from the size of a room to a bit larger than a grain of rice :)

@sotolf @hund People seem to have forgotten the principle of progressive enhancement. Build your website so simple that it works with a console based browser. Then ask yourself where you need to add Javascript in order to functionally enhance your website. But at the same time remember that your website should not break or display a white page if someone has blocked your sparsely added Javascript.

Thanks for coming to my #webdev101 Ted Talk. :)

Those moments when you stop your educational video to get a glass of water and see this ...

Sounds familiar. Meetings not only means I get no work done, but it's almost certain I'll get more work 🙂
I recall there's a Dilbert cartoon describing this perfectly somewhere

Every single time this week: made a decision to jump into something (at work). Once I prepped the workspace: 1) "urgent invite to the meeting" 2) idiots calling me with nonsense 3) upgrade is happening in last minute on the components which I need for my task. Every-Single-F*****g-Time !

"Arguing that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say." ~ Edward Snowden

cc65 finally produced a binary which runs on my . Stupid me for not reading the docs properly :-/. Now I just need to pull my sleeves up and start digging into #6502 assembly language and continue learning what I abandoned in 1987.

@thor I think that, maybe, you're using it wrong?

Simple things like could make my day :-). I opened its man page this morning while drinking my and read it instead of reading retarded news and I feel like this was really time well spent. Along with and his video it spiced up my morning pretty well :-).

@dammn I have an old gateway 2000 at my parents house running bind on freebsd, at least I think I still do... Can't beat old hardware

DNS server which I installed way before I left my homeland died today. As usual: saving money, live better guy never thought that this would happen so all zone files along with other settings for ~30 domains are gone. It's going to be a hell tomorrow morning for him :-). Machine was running since 1999. He could not find older model of motherboard which could take this disk. Ah well .. RIP

Humans: People can't be trusted to do the right thing. We need a government to keep the masses in line.

Also humans: I demand my autonomy!

while washing my car yesterday, I sun-burned my back. That feeling when you feel like a radiator with 2 legs attached which are damn lazy because weather is getting closer to the rain.

Anybody ever heard about ? Anyone uses it ? Sitting in the training for the product which utilizes this product and I can't believe that people are actually falling for this kind of .

.... getting lost in this freaking corporate dictionary :-(. Always thought that I am at the level where I can handle life situations in English but the longer I am in this job the more I am convinced that my English is literally s**t for corporate world. To get you some insight: reading sales materials which we were forced to learned and be quiz-zed at the end ...


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