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With my LTE connection to the world, it feels like I am under the water while typing on this freaking remote desktop.

... listening to Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe. Music of my youth years ...

.tv is not playing in my firefox on ubuntu. Is there any magic which I have to enable on it or is it simply because my company's transparent proxy is breaking the stream ?

What better end of the week than locking up your virtual machine on customer's virtual platform and calling them at almost 5pm on Fri evening asking for help. Ended up staying on the phone with them for 30 minutes. They rebooted VM without asking whether I want to save anything ...ah well, let's see what the damage is.

And what a great start of this Friday: "Working on updates 21%" - for last 30 minutes. Wondering whether I will make it ontime to the meeting this morning with this freaking update.

... Happy Friday everyone ! It's here again with the full power of prediction to be a great weather. I soooo looking forward to get some sun on my solar panels and get those electrical bills dramatically down. When it's sunny and beautiful outside, we're producing more than we consume and it's a winter time ! Curious what will be happening when summer is in full swing here :-).

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My phone# got into some spam list. In last 4 weeks I am getting calls from 540-xxx-xxxx daily basis, about 7-10 of them. When I pick the call there is only a silence and after that, caller drops the call. Looks like some kind of scanner which is collecting live numbers. Whatever is not in my address book I am not picking up anymore and it's sad where we ended up with the telecommunications.

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German: Caspar David Friedrich in seinem Atelier Caspar David Friedrich in his Studio

Georg Friedrich Kersting

So what are the bad sides of runnning as a primary browser ? Heard about RAM-cancer .. what else ?

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@GreenLeaderFanClub @dammn I have a lot of hardware I am not using yet either.

For server motherboards, or just motherboards in general, I had an idea to mount them on a piece of wood that can be hung on the wall. Drive caddies could be mounted to the same surface.

Eventually I'll get around to doing it.

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@retroedgetech @dammn 18 years ago (dang...) at work I had an ancient (at the time!) Compaq motherboard attached to my cube wall with push pins running an IRC server for the help desk to chat under the radar. Crap I'm old.

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Just a thought: why is considered to be a secure platform when you look at their site and see the shipping source being a China ....

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what client (console) are you using for ? is what I use, I like it but there is
something missing in that thing. Not sure what though.

Good morning everyone ! Sad news today. When I was 18, I joined military and stayed there for
additional 3 years, total 4. As part of being a military person, I received my uniform and other
stuff including socks. I kept those socks and I wore them. Today I realized that one of the socks
has a hole in it ! This completely ruined my Monday :-( Almost 30years of service and it broke today

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