@derek You know I think my CMatrix clone rust-rain hits all your talking points.
1. It is made in Rust.
2. Its free and open source.
3. Its new!
4. It has EMOJI'S! (I feel like this should make it a good talking point)
5. It runs super smooth
6. Its cross platform.

@derek hey DT would you honor me on day by running my matrix rain program in your terminal in the back ground?
github.com/cowboy8625/rusty-ra if not no worries either.

This saddly took all day and it still doesn't auto fit the screen in all cases. On a good note the search bar does work with :duckduckgo: .
The search bar works with websites addresses or the handy short cuts with the `!`. You can change the color them in the css file make with comments. I am going back to C or Rust for a few days before working on this some more. I am curious what yall would would add to it.

I have been using on and its pretty nice. Been trying to get all my contacts off of my iphone but have yet to find a fast way to do this. I have over 2000+ so I would rather do this in a more automated way without buying some crap software. If anyone knows of a way hit me up

Im not sure how to fix the resizing issue. DuckDuckGo here I come.

looks a bit better with the search bar being a little more hidden. I'm no WebDev so I suck at this.

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working on my home page. Need to make the clock a bit smaller.

Have yall ever heard of Dark Forest?
is an MMO space-conquest game that works on the block chain?
zkga.me/ Kinda nuts! If you want to know more about it this is the link xdaichain.com/about-xdai/proje

Man one day I will finish a project, one day......


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