I've decided to take a break from my YouTube channel and instead focus on a career. After carefully weighing some options, given my age and the fact that I'm never going back to college. I've decided to become a web developer. I'll start with front end and maybe eventually work with backend stacks. It's not glamorous but I just can't keep up with this cost of living anymore as a cook, I'm getting crushed and I can't live like this anymore.

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I know some people make fun of web developers, but at least it will be better than making $16/hr 33 hours a week. No woman out there will settle down with me making crap money like that. I just can't keep up anymore, and it's only going to get harder. Now for the painful task of learning javascript and css 😫

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@coolbsd does it make sense to start with backend instead? Your current *nix/BSD skill would translate well. Worst case, being support for a hosting company lets you get your foot in the door immediately, and even if the pay is only a little better you'll probably get a full 40 and benefits.

@GreenLeaderFanClub @coolbsd That is a good suggestion, as you could probably get a tech support job quickly and then continue to study web development or other tech while having a little less stress.


I've been researching this for awhile. Nobody is going to hire a junior developer to do backend work. They don't care how much I know about BSD, which is still relatively small compared to real IT pros.

@coolbsd sure, I guess I was thinking more support/sysadmin than dev. Just something to get you out of cooking, while you figure things out.

@coolbsd We thought you did. You deleted your dudebsd account at the same time you quit YouTube.


My account is just files on a server. I just started over and had a new account within 8 hours.

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