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I've decided to take a break from my YouTube channel and instead focus on a career. After carefully weighing some options, given my age and the fact that I'm never going back to college. I've decided to become a web developer. I'll start with front end and maybe eventually work with backend stacks. It's not glamorous but I just can't keep up with this cost of living anymore as a cook, I'm getting crushed and I can't live like this anymore.

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The lack of ads and sponsored posts in the is overwhelming.

It's interesting to peek into the world of the American aristocracy. They are very secretive and generally don't like any publicity and would like the public largely ignorant of their existence and focused on figures like Gates, Elon, Bezos and Carlos Slim. When in reality these men are small fries compared to them.

I think I'm am going to start physically unplugging my router during certain times of the day. I have to train myself to focus. My mind is always racing and jumping around like crazy. I have trouble sleeping, etc. This is why I turn to alcohol alot to trying and remedy it, but I think it just makes it worse...

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I'm beginning to accept the fact that I have really bad ADHD..

My internet addiction has only made it worse.

I always thought mechanical keyboards were really cool, but what an expensive hobby lol

Been going do the fediverse rabbit hole more lately, this place is fucking wild... πŸ‘€

From what I can gather lurk webdev sites/channels, HTML, CSS, JS and React are the best start for breaking into the industry, the rest you would just learn depending on the job you're doing.

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