You can also watch the trailer here!

This project is totally solo, music, art and code will all be done by Game Endeavor, so help him out pls

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This game is looking awesome, madi with #godot and it started a #kickstarter campaign this month, so. Please, make sure to back it up if you can!

Zoe and the cursed Dreamer is an indie game made with #godot .

Here is the link to its #kickstarter

And you can play the demo in

Boost this pls, the kickstarter will end in 2 weeks

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This morning this quite interesting thought came to my mind, should all apps be FOSS? can they be with #Google being on charge of the main way people get apps on their #android phones today? I really wanna hear your opinions on this one.

day 16 of #100DaysToOffload

Getting those tags to show up as they do on my website, as well as automatically create rss feeds of them was quite fun, some sites where I learned that are listed here.

I also looked at this site's source code:

Wow, I have done my 3rd post for #100DaystoOffload , This time I talked about #newpipe, besides that, I did a lot of changes to the website, so please, check it out and let me know what you think.
Also, another question @kev ¿How do I make buttons with links, but without making the text get the same colors as a normal link? I have modified my #css as much as I could, but I am not really satisfied.

To continue on my second day of #100DaystoOffload , I have my second post. Yes, about RSS feeds, how original I know...
Let me know your thoughts!


This has been my config for quite a few weeks. Ever since I started using it my laptop has been flying. Nord theme of course....

I think I will make this my main account, or is it not a good idea?


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