anyone have any experience porting their cell number to a voip provider? How did sms/mms work? I get so much spam calls I am looking for a solution (running android phone right now until linux stuff gets better).

Anyone have a good howto setup encryption on openzfs? Specifically I am confused about what I need to backup to a safe place to restore an encrypted dataset on a new system. Somewhere said passphrase alone is not enough because passphrase protects a key, but did not explain how to get the key. I am probably confused about converting datasets to encrypted best practices as well but I am not there yet to know that for sure...

I am looking for something that is easy to install on a linode cheap node or other vps, is reasonably secure out of the box with fail2ban or something similar, decent webmail client, and supports contacts and calendars in a standard way. a google drive functionality would be a bonus but not required.

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What is everyone using to self host their email? I am having trouble deciding what is right for me, mostly because the one click or few click solutions like cyberpanel or mail in a box have made weird or non existant choices for caldav/contacts management. Modoboa looks interesting (radicale! Yay) but does not seem to have an installer that has much for extra security like fail2ban built in.

Since it is illegal to smack the stupid out of someone, what other strategies have you guys successfully employed when someone points to your immutable characteristics as a reason your position is wrong rather than providing a real counter-argument?

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facebook musings bordering on politics 

Anyone playing dyson sphere program? Saw a few play throughs and it looks amazing for those that like the building portion of strategy games more than the crushing your enemies p ortion of strategy games. Debating whether I should bother dropping 20 something bucks on it given I no longer have a windows gaming machine, just a linux box with a decent radeon graphics card.

pro tip: if you don't want your whole network to reboot every time you run the built in vacuum, you should make sure your surge protector is plugged into your ups rather than the ups plugged into the surge, with the surge plugged into the wall and the vacuum plugged into the surge as well, lol.

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man, I can't wait for v3 hardware to get released so I can buy it and further automate my basement server computers

I don't subscribe to @10leej 's claim that like bald is binary dude. It's a spectrum man! So like what level of follicular fortitude does @dt possess?

servethehome recommends: Supermicro SYS-5018D-FN8T
for pfsense appliance motherboard but does anyone see a reason to not go

Supermicro X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F Motherboard
dual 10GBE rj45 seems way more future proof than what comes on the recommended board.

hoping astronomers are better at forecasting than epidemiologists..

anybody else upgrade brave in manjaro and now have all 1080p60 video start normally, then speeds up the video to super fast forward until it runs out of video after a few seconds (audio stays fine)? Duckduckgo hasn't been helpful so far.

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