@bill I am very curious about this and am glad Brave is being innovative.

@mattmadness @cowboy8625 Agreed. This may push Brave up the ladder for me in terms of preference.

@bill I just heard about this earlier today. I'm excited to see how this works out

@Ashfall It looks a lot easier than setting up and maintaining a regular IPFS node. This could spur adoption.

@bill I'm not super familiar with the technology but reading up on movement of decentralizing the web sounds like a logical way to grow


wondering if that's along side their cryptocurrency mining stuff, or a necessary part of it.

@Nikolai_Kingsley IPFS doesn't appear to be involved with cryptocurrency mining at all. Looks like Brave is allowing users to access their peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol through the browser.

@bill Interesting first time I've heard of soounds like a interesting tech, shame Brave is based on Chromium and my aversion to anything with Google involved.

@bill Cool. I've been thinking of playing with IPFS lately (see what's possible with it)

@bill That's quite interesting, although I have no idea of any content on ipfs that would be of interest...

Great for those that do though!

@falconjon It's not the content that's on the network that's interesting to me, but the protocol itself.

@bill If only I knew a #IPFS directory or how to use it. Also interested in #gemni protocol vs #http

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