I feel pretty comfortable with Linux as a user. I can set up my computer the way I want, use the command line, do basic admin tasks, etc. My question is where should I go from here to learn more? I want to know more about /dev, /proc, /sys, how to communicate with devices directly (i.e. the way you use /dev/null except with real devices), a little bit about how the kernel works, etc. Any advice?

DT about to do a (vanilla) Emacs configuration live video in 8 minutes from the time of this post:


A really cool "light" introduction to a wide swath of higher level math -- not as deep as dedicated courses, but plenty to whet the appetite:


I have a Logitech M570 trackball mouse, and while I quite like it, about half the time after using my webcam it stops working, and I have to pull the USB dongle out and plug it back in.

1.) I'm running Arch linux with i3wm
2.) I have a Gesma webcam

If any other info would be helpful let me know.

I'd like to figure out two things:

1. How do I resolve this issue
2. How do I figure out which modules to unload/reload so I don't have to manually unplug the USB dongle?

Any help is appreciated!

@10leej New opinion: If there are any "chuggas", there should be 8 "chuggas" before "choo choo".

@10leej you promised that if we gave you an opinion, you would fight us on it, so here's mine...

Basic statistics is more valuable to know than trigonometry for the majority of people.

First pg-13 movie I ever saw was Mortal Kombat with my uncle. It was the bomb back then, and it's still the bomb now. That's why I'm pretty pumped about this: youtube.com/watch?v=NYH2sLid0Z

Remember last September there was some hype about phosphine being found in the Venusian atmosphere, and was considered to be a potential biosignature? Well it turns out it may have just been sulfur disappointing. Disappointing.


Houston is experiencing its coldest weather in over 30 years, and my parents and grandmother have been without power for 30+ hours. And now, they are also without running water. All the hotel rooms are booked up. This sort of gross mismanagement demands repercussions. People have died at this point.

Meanwhile, we can still afford to get downtown power.

Got the first dose of my covid vaccine, yay!

@dammn @pacestutter763

Have you guys had any luck getting it to work with macro enabled workbooks? Even with the keep_vba=true parameter, I can't get it to work.

Or do you guys have other libraries where you've been successful with macro enabled workbooks?

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Anyone have any familiarity with openpyxl?

What was your first distro? RedHat 7.3 for me.

One of the most beautiful and important theorems in physics is Noether's theorem. It states that if you can change something about your system which leaves its physical laws unchanged, there is a corresponding conservation law. For example, translational symmetry (moving from one place to another leaves the laws of the system unchanged) is associated with conservation of momentum. If you are interested in this kind of thing, this is a fantastic video on the topic: youtube.com/watch?v=hF_uHfSoOG

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