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Watch "Delete Paypal | Financial Censorship Part 1" on YouTube

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we all seem to care so much about how Alice and Bob can send each other encrypted messages, and how important it is for Eve not to see them
but what are Alice and Bob even talking about? Why did they fall out with Eve? I HAVE TO KNOW

Downloaded a large file from my google drive using 'wget'. Since drive files should be request using fileID instead of file name, I had to rename it after download.

So I ran,
"mv [fileId] maths\ class.mp4"

Terminal gave me this message,
"rm: cannot remove 'maths\ class.mp4': No such file or directory.

🙄 😢

Okay, going to re-download the file.

What's your thoughts on one's rights on knowledge they found?

I personally think if someone found some new 'knowledge', it's their right to allow people access it freely or restrict it. We love to make our findings on public domain, but is it good to label a person as evil because he made his findings proprietary?

If I write an ebook (0 production cost) explaining a complex theory and decide to sell it, am I evil as I put a paywall behind my explanation on a theory in the public domain?


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