I suppose I should probably kick off the discussion with a question. What do you think is the most privacy respecting web browser that still maintains the vales of the FOSS movement?

@Zaedus Brave. (Runs away before the haters arrive!) 😎

@derek @Zaedus Someone on Matrix recommended Dissenter -- a fork of Brave so I've been using those two, they seem fairly nice.

@lorendias @derek @Zaedus Heard about dissenter, havent tried since its been mixed reviews.

@lorendias @derek @Zaedus

I think 'Dissenter browser' was just a result of Mozilla banning the Dissenter plugin from their expansion/plugin repos.

@lorendias @derek @Zaedus
Don't recommend it. Not a fan of the nazi folks that run Gab.

@spocino @derek @Zaedus Heard pessimistic opinion abour ungoogled chromium. It was like, it is becoming harder and harder to maintain the patch as google changes the code..

@derek @Zaedus Honestly, the only reason I haven't moved to Chromium-based browsers yet is Firefox's userCSS.

@derek @Zaedus Should we trust brave? I mean some source code is not open source and the Tor configuration is not that private.

@derek @Zaedus Even though I like some parts of Brave, I do not like relentless crypto advertising. I know they gotta earn cash from somewhere and since anyone can edit the src to omit those blobs; I am not mad at them. Nonetheless, I do not think Brave is at the verge of leading FOSS movement.


Brave fits my purposes well. I use the Brave Nightly to sink with other devices.

@Zaedus I really recommend Librewolf if you like firefox. Ungoogled Chromium is the best chromium based option if you take the time to setup. Brave works well out-of-the-box

@Zaedus I'm honestly torn, because while I still like Firefox, that Mozilla blog post was an absolute disaster that ruined what little audience Firefox had. IceCat would be the "purest" FOSS browser for me.

@Zaedus ~1 year ago. I mentioned Brave on some certain 4kanal website (which i don't frequent btw..) .. And was told basically "Dude, why don't you just use Firefox with plugins..LOLMAO normie!!"

... I guess i leveled up from 'normie' recently 🤣

@nikiko @Zaedus May give Icecat a look one day, that's the second time I've seen someone mention it this week.

@warfist1984 @Zaedus Only been trying it for a while. The default settings are very aggressive in a free, libre way, but with some tweaking could be a decent daily driver

@Zaedus MIDORI it's a good browser, light, secure and is open source you can check that out

@Zaedus Currently using Waterfox & Brave on my main machine. Chromium & Brave on my laptop. Can no longer use or recommend Firefox unfortunately.

@Zaedus icecat in my oppinion then ungoogled chromium then brave

@Zaedus qutebrowser, surf, brave, icecat and ungoogled chromium 🤔

@Zaedus a privacy respecting tool is a tool one crafts by hir self.

@Zaedus Tor browser? Probably overkill on the privacy part for most people though lol.

@Zaedus I don't think there is a "best" solution, just a "least worst" one. With that said, I am currently using Brave with all of the crypto stuff deactivated.

@Zaedus I've been on Waterfox, a no telemetry fork of firefox

@MickK Yeah I've tried it but fear that rumor of "firefox forks are not very safe cuz security updates takes up to 2 weeks to arrive to waterfox"

@yngvarskjaldulfsson oh, well then. Maybe this will just be a temp solution!

@Zaedus Nyxt browser! It is criminally underrated! If you are so inclined, check it out at

@Zaedus It is not even close, IMO. It's Tor Browser:

Some but not all of their anti-fingerprinting has made it to firefox. Also, they have done some amazing work on reproducible builds.

Even if you turned off the tor integration, their aggressive privacy protections are significantly stronger than just, say, taking chromium and removing the calls to google services.

@Zaedus I'm using one called Dissenter Browser - it's based on Brave/Chromium and has Gab comment built in ???

@Zaedus I love FOSS and I use it on my day to day basis. But I think there are not a single FOSS browser which is as performant as firefox. I looking for a alternative to firefox and I am not getting any sucess, 😃

@Zaedus I use firefox, but I disabled some of the spooky stuff using

@Zaedus I had to switch back to Firefox from qutebrowser due to being required to use for school.. but if I understand correctly, qutebrowser is built on chromium... so... for full functionality (working with webapps requiring mic and camera) I don't really see any alternative to firefox... but I would love to see something like qutebrowser without any google code. I guess surf is kinda like that?? I think the only barrier is all the webapps that don't respect privacy either...

@Zaedus if you use a chromium/blink based browser (such as brave) you're assisting google in their effort to control (well, maintain control at this point) the development of web technologies. Do you really want to grant a company that lives off of tracking users the power to decide what goes in the *user* agent?

@dalz @Zaedus
I agree that's a problem.
Do you know a good privacy oriented browser that doesn't use Chromium ?

@kenny @Zaedus I use firefox with, not that there's much choice anyway. I'd rather stay away from ff forks, they tend to lag behind in features and bug fixes (which is especially annoying considering web is an high-pace moving target). You could also look for a WebKit-based browser, however I have no experience with that.

@dalz @Zaedus This is why I avoid all Chromium based browsers and as some said it really down to using the best of all evils when picking a browser, you need to do other things outside the browser to help with personal privacy.

@Zaedus yeah i would very much like to know which one is that, for now I am using brave btw....will look for answers from experts as they come in..

@Zaedus I use Dissenter. Which is basically Brave but with access to the Dissenter plugin ( which allows you to comment on literally anything without censorship).

It's by Gab so it gets a bad rap, but really most of Gab is just a bunch of christians and conservatives.

@kenny @Zaedus Things that get a bad rap are generally worth investigating.

@Zaedus There is also Tor Browser, which allows you to hide your ip ( most people don't need that though) .
But Brave (and Dissenter by extension) also has the option to open a private window that uses Tor

@Zaedus just firefox with umatrix for now. And testing Brave. Will look at

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