I just saw this video by Upper Echelon Gamers over at LBRY about this thing called Venue, an always on, always online device using AI and digital image processing (quite possibly facial recognition as well, though they deny it) to surveil you while you watch streaming video and ensure you can't watch if there are more people with you than what you paid for. It's so literally out of 1984 I simply can't believe it. 2021 is dead set on being the Year of Orwell, ain't it?

I mean I can get the reasons for a pay-per-viewer system, like UEG calls it, but holy sh*t if this isn't the wettest dream of the NSA I don't know what it is. I'm speechless. This thing has such a gigantic potential for evil that I just don't know what else to say...

And of course it's either inspired by or even based on the similar plans Microsoft had for the DoA Kinect 2 on the original iteration of the Xbox One. Not surprised at all to see MS involved in this thing, even if tangentially so.

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