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I'm on now too!

I really, really love how it is exactly like Instagram but with no Facebook BS (🤮) at all!

I'll mostly be using to upload my drawings, whenever I get around to actually draw, and the occasional photo. Anyone here that's also on Pixelfed? I need people to follow.

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First time I dream something about Halo as well. I used to play it's multiplayer A LOT with my buddies when we were in high school, yet I don't remember dreaming about Halo at all before. Funny that. I think I've had more dreams about effing Scooby Doo than about Halo despite it being an integral part of my teenage years.

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Woke up in the middle of the night and it's the first time in almost a decade that I see an sleep paralysis demon.

I was dreaming about how I was working as a burger flipper in a mall and we got a very, very big box as a delivery. When we opened it Master Chief from Halo came out of it, wearing jean coveralls over his armor and completely covered in mud. We were all dumbfounded as we watched him go to the bathroom to clean the mud, and then I woke up and saw the demon.

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People who ask easily-Googled questions are looking for interaction, not
-shorty_cant_surf, May 2016

First time ever I complete the single player mode for Quake 3 Arena for PC. Thanks God for Icculus :linux:

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We're giving away a PineTime by PINE64 on my website. Learn more about how you can participate at the links below. Check out a fun FOSS contest, maybe even win a fun FOSS gadget.

details on Odysee:

details on YouTube:

details on FOSSphones:

Just updated to :firefox: 87 in Ubuntu, and decided to give a vertical tabs extension a try, because why not. Between :firefox: moving the position of the save image button on the context menu, and the vertical tabs, this is shaping up to be "screwed up by muscle memory" day.

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We've named our entire galaxy after the secretions of a cow's udders.
-thechevs, Apr 2014

Just bought the OST by Stuart Rynn from Bandcamp and, to quote Boris from YouTube, "blin, it is good!". The composer himself has the entire soundtrack on his YT channel for free (here, but I love his music enough to send a couple of bucks his way.

It's amazing how the mapping community manages to make music sound so incredibly good. One would think and would mix as well as oil and water, but there are weirder things in this here Earth.

I saw a comment on Odysee earlier today claiming that US billionaires were trying to kill football (⚽) and it left me all confused. I suppose it referred to this:

I know jack sh*t about football (either ⚽ or 🏈) so I still don't see what the fuss is about. I prefer baseball (⚾) anyway.

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We believe that an effective an immediate action would be to update the code of conduct of OSS, such as adding a term like, "by submitting the patch, I agree to not intend to introduce bugs."

Oh, god, wow, they really wrote that. See kids? There's no problem a code of conduct can't solve.

Whoever thought that making scrollbars in desktop environments hide after a while like in a mobile GUI toolkit should be hanged.

I have no evidence of it, but as with all other asinine design trends of the past 10 or so years, I blame Apple for it.

No stacks were harmed during the production of this code.

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void fun3() {
while(1) {
if (!g_interrupted)
printf("Please Wait\n");

void fun2() {

void fun1() {

int main(void) {
signal(SIGINT, keyboard_interrupt);
try {
} catch {
return 0;


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int g_interrupted = 0;
jmp_buf g_env;
int g_exception;

void keyboard_interrupt(int sig) {
g_interrupted = 1;

try if ((g_exception = setjmp(g_env)) == 0)
catch else
throw(X) longjmp(g_env, X);


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Good morning everybody!

Feast yer eyes with the most pointless C code that will make your eyes bleed!


Every time I read a Doctorow piece I end up confirming that my ethical commitment to FOSS is justified, but they also fill me with a dread that makes me think that all is lost and I should just go back to monke, like they say over at YouTube.

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Checking the comments in the recent video by @BrodieOnLinux about a Medium article questioning the need for and the in particular led me to this article by about FOSS and the dismal tech landscape we live in today.

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Just yesterday I got for as a gift from my brother. I don't remember how many years it has been since I last played an FPS on a console. The game is all kinds of amazing, but boy is it cumbersome to play with a gamepad! And for some reason the damn thing won't use the motion controls when docked.

But anyways, it's Doom! I could play it with a literal potato for a controller and I would still have fun with it.

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