Set up a Wireguard connection to Mullvad VPN. Fuck, it's at least twice as fast as OpenVPN I used till today!
I should have done it earlier.

Well, some downsides now. Wireguards routing capabilities are utterly suck. You can define ip ranges allowed to be reached via a tunnel, that's all. Do you want to exclude some networks, for example your home network? There is no such an option. Of course, I can set up my routes using standard Linux tools, but what am I suppose to do on Android?
So, while OpenVPN is slower, it's much more versatile.

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Wireguard app for Android is just a joke, it''s even unable to import a config file: "File should be either .conf or .zip". I have a .conf file, what's wrong?
Of course, my home network was immedeately blocked after running the tunnel. You can use "Exclude private networks" optiion which adds to allowed networks a couple of dozens of ip ranges which is ridiculous by itself, but what's even more ridiculous, it's still doesn't work. Eventually, I had to uninstall the app.

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Fortunately, Mullvad guys somehow managed to make this piece of crap work properly, so instead of vanilla Wireguard app I have to use Mullvad VPN app while I strongly dislike using apps from VPN providers and prefer using vanilla VPN clients. Nice

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