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As #GoogleIsEvil, G👀gle does evil things. This time they want every website, to OPT OUT of their spyware by setting a specific HTTP header.

So some people are (thinking of) sending patches to all the webserver software maintainers and urging every FUCKING SITE on the internet to apply that HTTP header.

Are you fucking INSANE?

How about creating a new HTTP status/error code:
"666: Fuck off G👀gle"

and return that to every user using #Google Chrome

Adapting the internet to G👀gle's whims 🤦

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#litehtml is a #lightweight #HTML rendering engine.

litehtml renders HTML and #CSS into a list of objects to draw with styles, position, z-index, etc. which is used to call user defined drawing functions. litehtml's structure allows it to be used in many scenarios, including embedded browsers, application frameworks, or advanced text rendering. litehtml supports #HTML5 and #CSS3.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #programming #library

Just have invented the way to have in fish shell Ctrl-R on steroids: just add to your the line

bind \cr 'set -l cmd (history|fzf); commandline -r $cmd|commandline -f execute'

and you can fuzzy search in your history and run commands from it interactively. Of course, fzf should be installed.
Hope it will help somebody.

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Today’s #cycling for engaging the activists and lawyers arrested in #China. 64km mountain road, return.

#freeChangweiping , a lawyer who did various cases for the underprivileged groups.

#freeChengYuan, a NGO activist advocating the #humanrights for people with disability, victims of the forced fertilization policy, etc.

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I've been successfully running from a NUC in my kitchen now for half a year. It has its downsides, for example when I'm not home and something happens to the NUC so it can't be remotely rebooted then I need to wait until I'm home or sent someone to do a hard reboot, which happened now 2 times.

But overall I'm very happy about how well it works to host from home. The NUC only uses about 5W and it's not super powerful but I don't have...


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I use this on my Mac, really useful.

A Quick Introduction To fzf (Interactive Command-Line Fuzzy Finder) - Linux Uprising Blog

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A short "note to self" of organizations to avoid:

Apache Software Foundation
Canonical (Ubuntu)
Document Foundation (LibreOffice)
GNOME Foundation
GNU Mailman
GNU nano
OBS Project
Red Hat
Tor Project
Void Linux
Wikimedia Foundation

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Let's try this, my Arch broke down and won't boot. I'm in #Bungang close to #Pangyo and #Soul and need a Live #Ubuntu USB stick to be able to repair it. Can someone help me get one to here? #followerpower #help #fsf #asia #OpenSource

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Trying for a day or two how would it be without any google services. And for this nextdns comes to the rescue. Free public DNS with filters for privacy and much more.Very powerful tool. Affiliate link >

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Since 2010 I kept a text file with command line / configuration / programming tips.
Recently found kb; a command to organize this kind of information. All from the command line.
Highly recommended!

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I really didn't have an opinion either way on the RMS controversy. But seeing how many giant groups within the FOSS movement want him to screw off, makes me think he should stay. Canceling him for something unrelated to his work...stupid.

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"533 million Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online"

rm -rf facebook/ 😒

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Good bye, Fosstodon. For good. Personal rants. 

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Good bye, Fosstodon. For good. Personal rants. 

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