Got a service call this weekend for my side gig. Normally I just bump off my friends of family for lodging, they don't mind but I feel like i am using them to much.

Cheapest hotel is $65 but that still is too much (imo) for one night, even if I can write it off as a work expense

I see a campsite that charges 19 bones per night, might go camping as a cheap alternative and larp innawoods with my high velocity lead expelling apparatus.

@benis not all hard ware is the same in the same location πŸ˜ŽπŸ”«

I make a Debian preseed preseed per specific drive configuration (Per number of drives, encrypted/unecrypted Sata/NVME).

But that doesn't matter because the hostname is still wrong during install.

@benis It's not that simple we have unique configurations per location, not all hardware is the same in every location.

I should say this is for Ubuntu Server. Particularly the Debian Server installer variant.

I have questions regarding how the hostname domain and/or FQDN are set by the installer.

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Anybody here have experience with hacking the debian/ubuntu installer, or creating custom Ubuntu 18.04 installs?

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Do you use tmux or screen

@EdBoatConnoisseur Works on my Desktop with an Identical OS setup, and Build of chromium with a 1080ti no problem. As well as my thinkpad wirh intelHD.

If I could desolder the GPU in my XPS I would but not my laptop.

I'll probably just switch to a stable version of brave and not the dev branch.

@EdBoatConnoisseur Nah I was just testing Live USBs seeing if I could replicate an issue with a browser, Distro hopping is a meme.

Ungoogled Chromium, and sometimes brave (less often) completely application freeze up to 30 seconds then unfreeze on my work Laptop.

I have a high suspicion that it is Nvidia with optimus or graphics switching or some stupid shit like that. I used to have complete kernel panics because of it according to journalctl.

@safiuddinkhan DNS over HTTPS is 2spooky4me would rather run my own DNS forwarder/resolver

@telewaifus glad to see someone finally ported this to fedi, I thought when I left fb I wouldn't see chinese cartoons on old cathode tube light throwing boxes anymore

@agoradefense @thor

Unfortunately we will be stuck on debt based until the global economy collapses. And banks will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening.

I'd be fine with property taxes if no income taxes were eliminated, and voting rights were restricted to landownership, but that also is never going to happen.

No taxes no representation
No representation no taxes
Seems fair to me

@thor Economics are a game you can't win it if you don't play it.


Fiat currency will always have inflation which is why Landlords increase rent. When you sign a fixed mortgage your rate on interest doesn't change because it is a contract. You can use this to hedge against inflation.

If the US collapses due to hyper inflation, and everything becomes 10x more expensive that just means paying my mortgage becomes ezpz.

If a housing bubble occurs and your house is worth less than your loan just stop paying and let the banks deal with their mess.

Be me
Get Mortgage
Buy house with garage apartment
Rent out main house
Live in garage apartment.

Become landlord and live rent free


I barely know bash, linux sh, and how to count to twenty without taking my shoes off.

Shitty "modern" πŸ–οΈ 😲 πŸ–οΈ startups and their HR 3DPDs need to be eradicated from existence.

Why yes I would like to ship to my door 1000 rounds of Five and fourteen-twenty-fifths Millimeter North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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