Got a service call this weekend for my side gig. Normally I just bump off my friends of family for lodging, they don't mind but I feel like i am using them to much.

Cheapest hotel is $65 but that still is too much (imo) for one night, even if I can write it off as a work expense

I see a campsite that charges 19 bones per night, might go camping as a cheap alternative and larp innawoods with my high velocity lead expelling apparatus.

I can't copy and paste from a browser. And RPMfusion repos are not enabled by default

I am in excruciating pain.

"Juniper/Cisco HATE Him. Click here to figure out how he got rid of the yellow Ethernet cables with this secret trick."

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I have successfully learned git branches in 15 mintues and have forked the searx repo

I get to see all my co workers for the first time in a year today, wish me luck

I have edited the searx source code to recognize the name of my custom oscar css theme and enabled it by default in the settings.yml file

Starting work on my containerized Fedora 34 VM server replacement for my Ubuntu 20.04 web stack

I tried to update Searx again from 0.17v to 1.00v, and once again searx updates fine but uWSGI or whatever dynamically draws the css always gets borked, so I have to rollback to the snapshot I took before.

Unfortunately I'm a brainlet, so resolving this issue will probably involve me installing 1.00v on a new server.

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