Youtube obfuscated my liked videos playlist url. I can't download them anymore >:^(

@SplitShockVirus I have a text file with Youtube video URLs (and the timestamp I was last watching them at, for long podcasts). Wouldn't occur to me that having a Youtube account or storing any information in it was a good idea

@sjb I haven't nixed my google accounts yet™, I have channel txts that contain the urls for channels and/or playlists I want to archive (for offline viewing or because they are subject to random removal).

Your account has a a private playlist of all the videos you have "liked" which is what I use as an easy marker for videos I want to download.

I think they are trying to prevent this convenience I have established.

@SplitShockVirus Well, I was forced to have a Google account to use my Android phone but I've generally tried to stop that one getting linked to anything else.

OTOH this could just be plain incompetence and not understanding what users find convenient, much like Twitter's UI changes

@sjb I'm convinced they want to crackdown if not eliminate entirely the use of youtube-dl. Google has taken an active stance to censor video topics that discuss its use, they label it "harmful software" akin to malware or hacking.
All this despite the fact that their developers use it internally, which is hypocritical.

@basadeskaiser @sjb I was talking out of spite it is not actually hypocritical, they have no obligation to host any content. However they benefit massively from software freely available, but will censor on their platform the knowledge on how to use it, because it "could" be used to cut into their profits.

@basadeskaiser @sjb "It's okay to download videos onto your smartphone as long as you pay us $9.99/month and use our Proprietary App®, that way when we delete the video on our server side it deletes it on your client as well. But if you use yt-dl to circumvent that we will, rate limit, block your ip, and obfuscate your urls to spite you."

@SplitShockVirus @sjb exactly, we don't have to respect shit and just download shit and keep yt-dl circulating.
@SplitShockVirus @sjb we shouldn't acre about their principles and download anyways.

@basadeskaiser @sjb VPNs are typically banned by default by most CDNs same with TOR nodes/relays, you'd get captchad to death.

An alternative would be to run a openvpn server on any VPS instance and hope you don't get an IP on a blacklist or spam list.

@basadeskaiser @sjb I think yt-dl has a swam/relay mode but I have not used to to any extent or haven't had a reason to. It increases your download rate by downloading from multiple peers like a torrent.

@SplitShockVirus They've also removed RSS feeds and obfuscated their HTML page code so you can't scrape it, makes it very difficult for 3rd party tools to notify you of new videos. They want you to only be able to do that from inside their system.

A webserver with a <video> tag and an advert beneath it is looking better all the time

@sjb It wouldn't surprise me if by 2030 youtube just launched an app or miniature browser that shipped with Windows or MacOS that had good enough mouse support to emulate the browser web version.

They could then obfuscate simplify and lockdown everything to the point where the only thing you can do is view content.

I use freetube to watch youtube and keep all my subscriptions private. The thing is, youtube is so bolshevik gay now, that there is less and less shit to actually watch there. They need to make an app that is a client for youtube as well as other video sites

@runfox I occasionally use invidious which is a similar project in concept and function. I'm eventually going to host my own instance, but the real end goal would be to stop using youtube (in any effect) altogether. The only problem is there is good content (metal working, skillcraft, electronics, STEM, trades jobs stuff) hosted which is unlikely to move to alternative sites like odyssey or peertube.

Which is where yt-dl comes into play.

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