@lllillilll work laptop not mine

also we've already been over this mister barcode man.

@SplitShockVirus I am not hating asians here, i am hating weebs. It is different.

@lllillilll If you keep calling me that racial slur I'm going to call Kamala Harris on my iPhone 6S, and tell her to cry on national television.

Stop discriminating me cause I'm Japanese, it's not cool bro.

@SplitShockVirus just use debian testing and see how all problems dissapear, or even better try devuan testing, never mess with systemd ever again.

@EdBoatConnoisseur Nah I was just testing Live USBs seeing if I could replicate an issue with a browser, Distro hopping is a meme.

Ungoogled Chromium, and sometimes brave (less often) completely application freeze up to 30 seconds then unfreeze on my work Laptop.

I have a high suspicion that it is Nvidia with optimus or graphics switching or some stupid shit like that. I used to have complete kernel panics because of it according to journalctl.

@EdBoatConnoisseur Works on my Desktop with an Identical OS setup, and Build of chromium with a 1080ti no problem. As well as my thinkpad wirh intelHD.

If I could desolder the GPU in my XPS I would but not my laptop.

I'll probably just switch to a stable version of brave and not the dev branch.

@SplitShockVirus yeh, with browsers the dev branch is more headache than its worth, well, that applies to any fast moving (dev cycle) software...

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