Got a service call this weekend for my side gig. Normally I just bump off my friends of family for lodging, they don't mind but I feel like i am using them to much.

Cheapest hotel is $65 but that still is too much (imo) for one night, even if I can write it off as a work expense

I see a campsite that charges 19 bones per night, might go camping as a cheap alternative and larp innawoods with my high velocity lead expelling apparatus.

I should say this is for Ubuntu Server. Particularly the Debian Server installer variant.

I have questions regarding how the hostname domain and/or FQDN are set by the installer.

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Anybody here have experience with hacking the debian/ubuntu installer, or creating custom Ubuntu 18.04 installs?

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Do you use tmux or screen

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Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, and CJK characters also accepted.

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Password requirements:
-Rotation every 3 months
-Minimum 24 characters no more than 128
-No dictionary words or names
-Not currently in use by any other user
-Minimum 1 capital, number, symbol, and emoji.

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Trying Pop_OS!

My wireless adapter is hit or miss when authenticating unless I bounce the interface, pretty annoying, I blame netplan.

Video playback works.
Clipboard buffer works.
mpv installs without hesitation.
The printer even works.

Fedora is a pretty solid as a distro, and if I had the correct hardware to run all free software I probably would run it.

Gnome on Wayland is really smooth, video playback on desktop is also really good as well, however video playback is choppy/not-usable in browsers. And I don't really to care to troubleshoot things in a Live USB.

I didn't try connecting my audio interface, but I assume it would probably work, if not after enabling some prep repos or kernel modules.

I can't copy and paste from a browser. And RPMfusion repos are not enabled by default

I am in excruciating pain.

Nevermind web browsing sucks, Chromium doesn't have or can't play h.264 codec videos on my website, but can play Youtube videos for some reason πŸ€”.

Firefox can play them but the play back is bad.

I installed the h.264 codec and can play mp4s easily on the desktop but not the browser.

Might be because I'm on a live USB but I doubt it because the browser should be loaded into RAM.

System uses 6.4GBs idle WTF.

I don't regret buying a factory new Thinkpad, but I do regret buying the X1 Extreme over the Carbon. The 1050ti is good when it was the only GPU being used, but switching graphics sucks, it didn't even work well in Windows.

And I have no real use for dedicated graphics. I should do that GPU pass through thing people keep telling me about.

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