I don't understand my computer. But I "can" understand any part of my computer. I own it. It won't sell me out to suckerberg or the alphabet boys. *freedom flex*


26 years ago... I was probably one of the youngest Novell CNEs at the time 😜

Is the earth's immune system trying to kill us?

According to my Mongolian Basket Weaving Forum, The Republic of Texas has been without reliable power for about a week, due to heavy snow fall. Can someone in that area confirm or deny this statement?

me when i started my first tech job ("wow i get to do what i love for a living!")


me now 2 years in the industry

Preferred hypervisor and management stack?

(comment other hypervisors and management software, Xen/SCP, Proxmox, bhyve, etc)

On a better note, after drying off the inside of my car, I found my center-fire rifle steel target plate after thinking I lost it for like a year, it was under the passenger seat this entire time. πŸ”«πŸ˜Žβ˜•

I forgot I left my passenger side door open before it started raining. Took me 15 minutes to remember it while I was sorting mail.

Finished listening to Lord of the Flies, and Animal Farm today

Listening 1984 now πŸ‘€

Reapplied thermal paste on my Thinkpad X250. It now runs 20C cooler when compiling chromium.

πŸ’» ❄️ 😎 β˜•

"linux wi-fi drivers suck, you should use windows it just works"


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