Refusal to decrypt data in India leads to 7 years of jail time. And P*rn has an imprisonment for 7 years or a fine of a million Rupees. But does the Government know people see that shit on reddit and mastodon

Did you know!
The first cyber crime was recorded in 1820

Let saw who amang the veteran Distrotooter is still hare

Also. I thinking guys of doing this stupid thing. I from now on and till the next one week I will only speak incorrect and broken English. I am looking forward to all the funny memes that might come out of it

@10leej I will change it, but it makes no sense of targeting one political ideology in this way. Because the rules mention its bad to promote Socialism but not okay to promote Anti Capitalist ideas. While the whole idea of this instance is to be where people can be free to express themselves.

I am making my account resemble the stuff I believe in comrades.


Also thinking of buying a VPN service thoughts

Why doesnt some one write a Linux Laptop Buying Guide for those who are in the market for buying a new laptop but dont know what to do. Or are fooled by Luke Smith into buying 2000's IBM Thinkpads with Core 2 Duos or something idk

Just a question seeing that the population here is very much Christian. What problem do you guys have with Jews. I am not well informed on this matter and every time I see someone on 4chan calling others a "bloody jew" makes me think Huh! what problem does this guy have with the Jews ??

Guys what about having a Church of Distrotoot meeting today

I think my spare email id was leaked in a database leak at Microsoft

Getting scammy emails!!

@syscrash and other retro nerds look at this

A DOS engine for DOS looking modern day apps

Another thing @rootbsd why is it that the Emacs startup time for me is somewhere at 47 seconds can something be done about it

@rootbsd I have added the escape key in ratpoison to be s-space which is Super + Space which was from a config I saw on GH. How do I switch it to just Super

Installed OpenBSD.

*got literally nothing else to say*

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