So a livestrem this Sunday where I install some random distos off the distrowatch random button and see if we can get them to work. On hardware.
We're talking full GUI to the point we can get here and make a post with a web browser.

Hi all,
Another result of my distrohopping brain that ceases to stop changing Linux Distributions every week or so. I present you Gecko Linux with the beautiful Pantheon Desktop

@DigitalOffgrider it is my duty to respond to questions related to by state in an informed way to create a proper understanding for the current situation that many in the western media clearly donot understand :)

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@DigitalOffgrider me wonder the political nature of this so called protest. Also why protest for the creation of a Khalistan (A Sikh dominated state) in a movement that is totally economical and is based on agriculture......
These facts and opinions have cultivated into my so called "understanding" of this movement as being a fassad and a complete political drama of sorts

To the other people that follow me I am very sorry to fill your feed with all this political jargon but as a Indian (...)

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@DigitalOffgrider ability to sell in a nation wide market is incorrect and that being able to sell your product to a wider range of consumers a problem??? I dont think so. Let me also focus on the regional nature of the conflict. The conflict is only in the Punjab region but there are farmers all over India. The 2nd largest producer of agri goods that is UP is seeing no protests at all. Other prosperous regions of Karnataka and Kerela too are very happy with this new decision. This makes (...)

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@DigitalOffgrider in case he/she is not able to sell it in the open market owning to the fall in price due to excessive production. Although this does not work in the advantage of the govt because logically speaking the grains that are procured every year need to be maintained in cold storage as they are not used up as frequently as they are being procured. Thus the government is running deep in losses to maintain this pile of grain that is bought every year my MSP. Also do you think the (...)

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@DigitalOffgrider able to easily sell the produce in any state rather than being constricted by regional Farmers Markets, initially the concept of MSP was also abolished by the same Law but after further discussions with the Farmer Unions they have allowed the inclusion of MSP in the new Laws. Now the concept of MSP states that the State provides a Minimum Support Price to the farmers before the harvesting season. This price is the tentative price the govt will buy the farmers produce is (...)

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@DigitalOffgrider I am sorry for the late respose I was trying to create and formulate a proper answer to your question. The farmer protest as you may know is not a national farmer protest. The protesting farmers hail from the agriculturally prosperous regions of Punjab and Haryana. Now the question that arises is the content of the Law that actually is the main point of intrest, which is that the Law states that basically the produce that is created by some farmer in one state will be (...)

@fribbledom I got a chance to stumble at your Go based Mastodon client and would love to install it on my Machine but the dependency hell that the project is in now is not something I would particularly want so is there a way you could package it for flatpak or snaps for easy install on any distribution

Has anyone heard Elton Jhon before... Loving his music recently

Is anyone here a part of 4chan I dunno I have heard so much about it but I don't know what it is

Switched to and from a lot of distros in the past few months and I always come back to my trusty KDE Neon USB...... Just got a super minimal KDE Plasma setup looking good...

Did distrotoot just hit 100 days PoG... 😎

@derek You should do an OpenBSD install in a VM on May 1st for the new OpenBSD 6.9 release, it would make my month!

For someone who also wants to take a plunge the config is a great place to start because it is quite minimal and has evil mode enabled, I have not used (use-package) here and I have sticked to some basic defaults

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Hi all
So I ditched DOOM EMACS today because of our favorite 4 letter word BLOAT and created my own emacs config from scratch. This is a link to it

Hi all I have been think of an idea that Luke Smith gave in one of his videos and I was thinking we could create a small community blog on and allow people to post content on it using Github PRs

Hi all I have been think of an idea that Luke Smith gave in one of his videos and I was thinking we could create a small community blog on and allow people to post content on it using Github PRs

Hi All

As you all know I am a Arch Guy and before to that I lived in Debian for a year but recently with update to GNOME and the fact that my install just broke on me..... Happens I know... I was in the market to try a new distro and that is when I came to UBUNTU UNITY and I must say

This is the most productive and comfortable I have been in a DE for a long period of time

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