I’m glad to see Derek have his own Mastodon instance. Hope to meet awesome folk here and learn new FOSS stuff.

We allowed to talk about video games here?

@Senkudou I'm sure many here would love to talk about video games. Even myself....I have a soft spot for retro gaming. :D

@wolass @Senkudou I do love the old id games. But when I said retro, I meant Atari. 👍

@derek @wolass @Senkudou Pitfall was the best Atari game and I'll die on that Hill lol

@Cwalz @derek @wolass @Senkudou
Pitfall was one of my favorites on the atari 2600 such a great classic.

@nicktelindert @Cwalz @derek @Senkudou I see how subjective the term "retro" might actually be. Ok, I'd like to ask the following: "People of the DistroToot, what is your favorite game, and what is your year of birth".
I'll start: QUAKE II, YOB: 1988

@wolass @nicktelindert @Cwalz @derek @Senkudou I can't pick a single game... Sid Meier's....Thats all i have to say :)


I learned on dos so terminal isn't so hard.... or different just the slashes are backwards LOL

@wolass @nicktelindert @Cwalz @derek @Senkudou I still hold Knights of the Old Republic 2 or Dragon Age Origins as the best games I've ever played 1993

@derek @Senkudou lately i find myself playing the guardian legend a lot, really cool game.

@Senkudou love me some Linux gaming :) I play WoW via Lutris on Debian Bullseye.

@Senkudou that depends....what games? ;) (yes, as long as we shy away from politics and other topics we should be good)

@Senkudou I imagine so. Did you see his video on 0 A.D.? I'm also a fellow Linux gamer.

@Extra_Crispy I did! I’m just wondering cause I’ve always wanted to make a game someday. Just wanted to know if there were folk who can give their opinions on how to approach that. Like how to release it etc.

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