I'm a super noob here. Can someone tell or link an article/video on what systemd is and why so many people hate it?



Does me using the GNOME DE count as me supporting the GNOME project?

@derek I know you said you don’t use Reddit all that much but what are your thoughts on Ruqqus as a Reddit alternative?

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 trying to transfer a 1.5GB file to a thumb stick and Nautilus keeps showing the file transfer’s at 1.4GB out of 1.5GB.

15 minutes later it’s still the same. What should I do?

So I created a partition to install Windows cause I needed to use an application that wasn’t available on Linux. After install, I immediately erased that partition. I honestly can’t. I’m not a Linux fanboy or anything but Windows 10 is legit unbearable to use. It’s just a Frankenstein OS that just wants to fight me rather than work with me. Back to a single partition with Linux. It just amazes how awful Windows has gotten after 8.1 (I didn’t think 8.1 was that bad tbh).

Anyone have a way to convince your friends to switch to Signal from WhatsApp? They keep giving me the whole “I don’t care if my data is tracked” and I myself really dislike using WhatsApp just to chat with them 😅

I’m glad to see Derek have his own Mastodon instance. Hope to meet awesome folk here and learn new FOSS stuff.

We allowed to talk about video games here?


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