Hey DT -- I know Linux Mint actively prevents you from installing snaps, and Debian only comes with free and open-source software, but I'm curious... Is there a Linux distribution that actively blocks proprietary software from being installed?

Hey @derek -- One skin I'd like to make my Linux window manager look like is the fictional LCARS from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" onward. I gotta ask -- What's the best WM to make Linux look like that, and how do I do it?

Hey @derek -- Are there any themes with which you like to customize the GRUB boot loader?

@drdelle Wait... I think I got it. I tried putting (require 'ox-gemini) in init.el and it seems to work. Will create some more .org files and see if I can export them in the same way.

@drdelle @derek No, I'm afraid I don't have that little command as part of my .emacs file. It didn't seem to make any difference whether I included the line or not. Or does it only work with certain versions of Emacs?

@drdelle @derek An update: I found ox-gemini and installed it from MELPA. But it doesn't seem to work for me... When I type Ctrl-C, Ctrl-E to get into the Org mode export menu, I see no option to export to a gemini file; and pressing G just causes the computer to beep at me, and Emacs says "Invalid key" at the bottom. What am I doing wrong?

Hey @derek -- I know you're not a fan of Twitter (which is kinda obvious since you've got this social media network going), but I just posted this tweet using an Emacs plugin called "twittering-mode." twitter.com/YuGiOhFan2019/stat

I think there needs to be a similar Emacs plugin for Mastodon as well...

@drdelle @derek I don't know what you mean!? I had no idea that plugin existed! I can't find it in either apt or snap -- is it built right into emacs?

@derek Hey -- I just discovered Org mode on Emacs and, just for grins, I created an HTML file straight outta Org mode. After a little tweaking, I got it to comply with W3C standards. Then I decided to take things one step further and try to make a gemlog (Gemini journal) entry out of it. While I was able to post it (as plain text), some of the gemlog didn't quite appear right. My thinking is that the Emacs developers might have a little work to do in order to support the new Gemini protocol.

Hey @derek! Since you're a Linux user on the desktop, you probably also use Android when you're on the go, right? So, since I know how much you enjoy Vim, how about this neat little Android port called, appropriately enough, "DroidVim"?

Hey @derek -- Does anyone ever really use the NNTP (news) protocol anymore? If so, what NNTP client would you recommend in 2021?

Hey @derek -- I just ventured into ArcoLinux for the first time, and decided I needed a file manager in my LeftWM system which I intend to turn into a bootable ISO to contribute to the community. So, I stumbled upon your Odysee page and found a neat little video about Dmenu. Running a 'pacman -Ss dmenu,' I'm presented with two options besides dmenu. Those are bemenu and rofi. What do you have to say about each of those?

Hey @derek -- I'm looking at the myriad editions of ArcoLinuxB, but I notice there's not one for LeftWM. So, I'm thinking of building my own, so I can contribute it to the ArcoLinux community. Can you help me get started in the right direction?

Hey, @derek! Arch Linux has added a(n optional) guided installation CLI program to its installation ISO recently... What do you think of this move, and do you think Arch has lost its way?

@derek In a future video, I'd like to get to know "top," the Linux task manager.

@10leej @derek No, I don't suppose he would -- not for Arch or any distro based on that, anyway. The Arch process is actually pretty quick and neat compared to Gentoo.

@10leej @derek I'm talking about a site where VMs are already created, and all one has to do is download and go. I know it sounds lazy, but for someone who wants, say, Gentoo, the installation process can be quite time-consuming, not to mention dependent on an Internet connection that stays reliable.

@derek Hey DT -- What's the best place to download virtual machines with base installations of Linux distros like Arch and, say, Gentoo?

@derek Hey, I was wondering if you could show us how to do a netboot or a netinstall from a virtual machine (VirtualBox, virt-manager, VMware, etc.).

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