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I'm testing a script in a VM, this is my first time using twm

@rootbsd how do you customize clementine? I cant figure it out lol

screw it this is a pain, todays video is freedos on this laptop

goddammit Im just gonna compile this piece of shit from source, rpm is causing the issue, lets eliminate it entirely

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For this weekend's video, we're going to attempt to run doom under linux on the old laptop

so turns out my old pc does still work, and Im gonna install rocky linux on it from my dvd I got in magazine

This magazine came with a DVD of Rocky Linux! That's still a thing in 2021?!?

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I fucked up my arch install when trying to setup gpu passthrough... yay

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online school... where you can solder in class

I haven't messed around on soundcloud in a while, it's pretty cool

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