Im encoding every episode of futurama rn so I can put it on that iPod

you guys want the ultimate free and open source mp3 player? Get a flash modded iPod 5th gen, install rockbox on it, sync your music to it with clementine or strawberry, it's freakin awesome

I've been reading this for the last little bit, it's a great book to learn vim from

the other day I bought a new flash drive, I can finally have a fast ventoy drive

lol Im downloading a torrent rn that was created in 2013 yet still has a ton of seeders

ugh my internet has been shitty today, if I get lucky things load, but for some reason the google meet I've been in all day is fine

I was looking at the pixel 6 and something came to my mind, so off to gimp I went

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I just spent a frigen half hour making a script that would make the bing wallpaper of the day my wallpaper on kde, I opened the wallpaper changer only to find that they have that feature built into kde... smh

lol any of you noticed that amazon's ui looks similar to GTK's window decorations?

Im about to buy a new dvd drive because my old one is kinda fucked, Im also doing my christmas shopping, my bank account go bRrRrRrR

I swear and wikipedia are legit the 2 best sites on the internet

I just had to record myself saying a review of DOOM (2016) I wrote in french for french class, I suck at speaking that god forsaken language

Smth bout this song just makes me laugh every time I hear it

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