A hedgehog plant in Dunedin botanical garden. Bet you thought they were mammals.

“TikTok and ByteDance’s advertising revenue is built on the personal information of its users, including children.”

We built a world where not only is this legal (“punishable by fine”) but rewarded (to the tune of billions in revenue). Everyone involved, please, take a fucking bow.


#SurveillanceCapitalism #PeopleFarming

I'm starting to go camping & backpacking as a relatively inexpensive hobby.

IDK why I feel compelled to share this information, but I will anyway.

Hey @nextcloud (and #Nextcloud Admins), remember the security alert back in October 2019 about nginx and php-fpm?

Two things:
1. Everytime I get rid of those pesky notifications, they come back multiple times.
2. I run the Nextcloud snap, which doesn't even use nginx.


I've got a young alcohol abuser in my family who believes she has a special ability to drink and drive safely. As usual, Louis Rossman has got me thinking.

> A word on addiction, waiting for rock bottom & losing friends

Hello Lurkers, it’s time for a brief #introduction. I am raphaël, born in montpellier, studied art in brussels, living in paris. I usually write small systems with code or physical objects, that eventually become instruments, tools, or less functional things. I love cooking without cookbooks and I usually write code the same way. I am a free software user and enthusiast. I teach art and design in various schools and during workshops. I am part of @velvetyne and prepostprint.org. I am currently (04/2021) focused on #sound and #CSS as a #livecoding language, and I still maintain lots of tiny tools that I should list somewhere at some point. Procrastination is part of my creative process and I kind of handle it now. I have a post-punk band called zone and a debian computer called jardin.

#CircusInPlace has kept me sane, or what passes for it, for over a year now.

While it still is where my acro partner and I train and practice, it's also become a terrific community of people spending time together.

I haven't been proud to be a part of a thing in a long time, and I'm excited that I get to share it with anyone who needs a break from the world.

Come join us tonight, starting at 8pm UTC-5:


A well written and nuanced take on what the interface improvements in #GNOME 40 mean for new, and old, users.


How do you feel when you see one of your favorite movies on youtube, for free (w/ads)?

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