Still working on moving away from Big Tech. Today I finished the cleanup of my iCloud backup. Over the years my backup had grown to their largest option. Not a big monthly payment but its the principle.

Should be a minor project but as always with Apple: Its just perfect if you just stay, but if you try to export your stuff to another place then the problems starts.

Today my account was down to 1gb and I downgraded to the free version with a smirk on my face.
Vote with your feet 🙂

Was very naughty today and installed .exe files on my un-tainted Debian Buster....when I stopped using windows many many moons ago then the only app I ever missed was Foobar2000. Have tried installs with Wine and other hacks over the years, but it never really worked well. Found a snap that actually worked and dosnt blow up my cpu as long as I disable visual effects. Even today seeing the .exe extension makes me uneasy 😉

Does anyone here know and used Foobar2000 ?

Today could be the day that the general public see Facebook for what it is. I refuse to go on a bird-themed platform but I believe #DeleteFacebook is trending. Even 5% of users deleting their account is a big deal. It’s been over three months since I deleted everything Facebook owned from my life. I’m still alive and I have a social life.

My journey to get rid of Big Tech is still going on and im getting back on the right path(Linux/FOSS). Have now ditched Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and switched to Darktable and Gimp. Ouu how I hated their CC Cloud bloated apps and their services running all the time and creating havoc on my macs.
Next project is to get rid of this bloated gui mail program. Before many moons ago I used Gnus, Alpine and Mutt for mail. What is a hot CLI mail client these days ?

A very interesting paper published by Apple about "A day in the Life of Your Data" where they picture what happens in the data-mining industry when "John spends a day with his daughter in the park".

I know that not many fellows here are particular fans of Apple but I think this is an interesting read:

And it is also the reason why 's Zucki is foaming with rage and prepares a lawsuit against Apple.

Have you heard about this search engine:

They claim to have their own webcrawler and full privacy. Im playing around with it and the results are not too bad.

ah, past 2 years, I've been living with these spikes of urges of getting angry at modern computing, delelting all social media, putting my smartphone down and changing my SIM into the old nokia, then rethinking my isolation few weeks after only to re-create that, on and off.
It's so sad that we as a society are forced/expected to live in a certain way, more and more crippling people who don't.

@safiuddinkhan Most of the harm was done by a trans "developer" who is a mediocre ruby coder at best, and got fired from multiple jobs. She also is a devil worshipping mental case. She's responsible for Linux's CoC.

My reason to share this is not so much being political but more to warn there could be a possible privacy problem with DuckDuckGo if they are taking sides like this.

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Seems DuckDuckgo is also going political like Mozilla. Their official account on Twitter is sharing an article that claims its a problem that conservatives was recommended conservative facebook groups.

I switched to qwant a few weeks ago when I found out that DuckDuckGo search results are just Bing result with another logo on. Furthermore they are paying Bing for these results and no need to feed the Microsoft beast.

I want to like searx but cant seem to get into it.

Did anyone watch the pilot of the new scifi Resident Alien ?
Very surprised by it, very very funny and quirky, no modern politics. But then again not exactly firefly, startrek or babylon 5 material.

Diamond hands on my GME, AMC and DOGE! Might pick up another GME just because Robinhood opened it back up again. 😂

So Google, in it's awesome power and might, is trying to strong-arm the Australian government. My government, right or wrong.
It doesn't want to pay for news rights, yet wants the rights to share news. Google claims that it isn't here to present anything other than what you search for.
Everyone should know this lie for what it is. Google presents you what others pay for via the algorithm. It has blatantly lied.
If you use Google, might I suggest other streams of searching?

I don't suppose y'all could put at least a couple of words of explanation when you post a youtube link. I'm not going to click unless I have at least a vague idea of what I'm going to see. 😃


When I joined in 2017 it was a tiny platform trying to decentralize the world of internet videos. In 2020 it saw a meteoric rise in popularity when YT doubled down on purging users.

Now my LBRY audience is almost larger than my YT audience.




Todays moving project: moved away from Apples Notes. This is a very useful app for taking notes fast and sharing them between several machines and phones. Also useful for saving email text snippets for long fast replies to customers.

Moved everything to the app it dosn't have all the exact functions as Notes but on the other hand it has end to end encryption. AAAANND can be used in the terminal 🙂
Still a lot of work to do before Im fully moved back to Linux.

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