It seems Mozilla have been very naughty again!

If any of you are using Firefox on Android or IOS you might want to look into this info about telemetry the Mozilla org has been using:

Seen in this article:

And one more glimpse of hope. Jonathan Carter won the debian project leader over the toxic and hateful Sruthi Chandran. It seems that for the devs its about the project and development and not about toxic political witch hunts :blobheart:

I may actually stay on Debian :debian:

Maybe there is still some hope for the linux community.
The Debian devs voted to not interfere in the Stallman witch hunt and there will be no official statements regarding this.

Democracy is a bitch when you are only a small hateful bunch.

Am I FLoCed?
Check to see if Google is testing a new method for fingerprinting on you(chromium).

It seems Brave is handling it with an update:

Brave browser is adding rss functionality that respects your privacy. No information about your rss feeds is sent to them.

The deeper I go in this #MobileCoin and #Signal rabbit whole the worse this is getting

Turns out that the the original MobileCoin white paper might be a fake whitepaper, but they referenced it in the new white paper and they no longer have a link to the original on their website. This is an absolute mess #MobileCoin #SignalApp #Signal


I have now setup Connect messenger with my wife for testing. No central servers, no phonenumber needed and no logging, network is some kind of Onion type so its not easy to fingerprint anyone.

I dont really have any juicy secrets, but I do insist that no SJW's or dougnut eating police officers should have free access to our private conversations.

Let me know if there is any reason to also skip Connect ?

Seems Signal is not that clean anymore. They were opensource but they have withhold their server code for 1 year now. But worst of all is they are located at Amazons servers, not long ago Parler was shutdown and their userbase doxxed because "someone" unlocked the parler app during the final shut down so anyone could become a admin.
Also letting Amazon have access to who uses Signal through their network no one knows what kind of fingerprinting could be going on.

A short "note to self" of organizations to avoid:

Apache Software Foundation
Canonical (Ubuntu)
Document Foundation (LibreOffice)
GNOME Foundation
GNU Mailman
GNU nano
OBS Project
Red Hat
Tor Project
Void Linux
Wikimedia Foundation

NextCloud server recommendation.
Have been doing research already but are unable to find any providers that can do this:

Hosted, shared is ok.
Up to 2TB files.
Server side encryption must be available with no access for the provider.
Monthly payment, wont sign up for yearly contracts.
Pricing, hopefully below 40EUR per month.

Who do you use ?

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Article about Molly de Blanc a textbook case of a true SJW. Its amazing how people like her can rise up simply by bullying and threats. They never have any real skills and they never produce anything. But it works, she is doing very well and others are not.

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They have now changed their name to "Debian Community Team" which is still scary and immediately I noticed the name Molly de Blanc(yes THAT Molly with the anti RMS rants) on their team list. Nuff said, Debian is going off my computers.

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