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Got my "Hello World" Gemini capsule running. Still not sure what I'll do with it. Running Jetforce on a free Oracle Cloud Ubuntu instance. Gemini://

Thinking about moving my political stuff to a different instance. Recommendations?

So we’re all gonna call the Facebook glasses people 5-eyes, right?

What the government is doing right now is the same unconstitutional bullshit on which the entire TSA checkpoint relies on. "You don't have a right to fly, that's why you have to give up your basic rights under the fourth amendment to do it" is no different from "you don't have a right to work at a company with 100 or more people, that's why Joe Biden is now your primary care physician".

Both of those arguments are bullshit, but they aren't realistically challenged on any of it. If Pan Am wants to require me to walk through a metal detector and put my bag on the belt as part of their terms to fly, that's my choice when I choose to fly Pan Am, and can fly TWA or Northwest if one of them has a policy I like better. If Pan Am makes me do it under government threat and all the other airlines are also forced to do it, that's an entirely different matter. Then they're arms of the government masquerading as a separate thing, just like "private" industry is under any fascist state.

Yes, I chose defunct airlines as my examples to avoid the impression that I was picking on

I've renamed RetroFreedom back to Ministry of Freedom, and redirected to

This is the old name. RetroFreedom was an experimental re-brand; I planned to offer retro computers and console mods.

I've changed my mind. I'll focus on Libreboot.

Ministry of Freedom is back!


Foreign keyboards available.

I typically ship with British (UK Qwerty), but as of today, you can once again order with another layout if you wish: fight and win the war.


That is all we have to do.

Many will suffer consequence as a result of this stance. Jobs will be lost. Federal contracts canceled. And more.

But this is the cost we must be prepared to endure to win the war.

And I am utterly certain that more than enough patriots will do exactly that.

Biden has selected the hill upon which his administration will perish.

What is going to happen will be very much like the First American Revolution.

The libs will furiously fight DeSantis on mask mandates because if Florida schools don’t have masks and other states do, we will have a control group- and the experiment’s results will show those states that implemented masks for kids are run by morons and loons

buck sexton
@Jdogg247 I care more about individual liberty than about lives. Period.
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