Is anyone else having trouble with both and right now? I can't get either of them to load, just a generic "something went wrong" error.

It's stunning how much property in rural states is going for right now. All the rats in the urban areas are leaving the sinking ship.

UPS driver shows up with another phone for testing. "I need you to sign for the package," he says, "but due to covid I just need to enter your last name." I look at the package he sent me, look at my last name, give it to him, and say, "good thing nobody could just read that off of the package."

The AT&T ROM for the Samsung Galaxy A11 is really intrusive. I didn't expect that much bloatware. 15 minutes to get through initial setup.

Working on InTune testing today. Android is definitely the more friendly product to enroll.

Just for the record, Apple and their terrible software can all go burn in a fire. Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.

(Almost) complete description of the Exchange exploit chain, with a few interesting details:

Turns out a few people might have been saved by a reverse proxy configuration that doesn't forward the /rpc URL (required only by Outlook Anywhere, not for OWA or ActiveSync), which is used to discover the internal host name of the the Exchange server that's required by other steps.

Sometimes, reducing attack surface helps, even if you can't know in advance.


My headless Thinkpad T400 Windows Deployment Server is still going strong on the wall in my garage. So much faster than disk if I need to build a quick bare metal Windows box (and will still work if the zombies take out the internet).

Does this system with the 2.2GHz 6-core CPU, 16GB of RAM, and the H310 (I'll flash to IT mode) seem like a reasonable Truenas Core build? I haven't built a box before, but that seems in the ballpark.

I just found out this morning about an AWESOME app that I've been waiting on for arguably decades. It allows you to create a multiboot USB just by dropping ISOs onto the drive. It worked with everything I threw at it (Windows XP-10, Ubuntu, Kali, SecurityOnion, Hiren, FreeDOS, etc) except OS/2. I highly recommend all techs/security/forensic people check it out!

It is still stunning to me that people actually think that MacOS is a good operating system. If I didn't need to be able to test against it I'd reformat my MBP to Windows (got to use Windows or Mac for work...).

I started publishing to my website again:

The static site generator does make it easy. So easy, that I'm not sure why I didn't publish for months on end.

Writing well isn't easy, though. But I can't get better at writing unless I write 😉

After three weeks and a bunch of cussing my LineageOS tester is back up and running again. now I just need to replace the back glass and move back in.

I went through all this work rescuing this server, but now I'm not sure what to do with it. I need a NAS, but it's a non standard motherboard in a 2U case with no drive bays. I don't need another firewall right now, and any other service I can think of would be better on lower end, quieter hardware :/. Resale value isn't likely to be there. Decisions...

Did a terrible job wiring up a VGA port on a crippled Supermicro X9SRW-F after I accidentally disabled serial console redirection. If it's ugly and and it works...

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