Just relinked my /bin/sh from bash to dash because some bald headed boomer told me to 😎☕

My term default is still zsh

Hmm should i make a showcase video for awesomewm like the one @derek made for xmonad

my latest PR just got merged, right now this is probably the best pulseaudio widget for awesomewm

i recently added a new easter egg to corona-chan tracker, btw zstd is needed to view the easter eggs at least until i find a more standar compresion tool that can compress to the same size or lower.


"Rent a web server and spin up my own instance of Mastodon, just for fun, I'm not sure anybody would use it other than me" - DistroTube, August 2018. Who would have thought we'd be here 2 and a half years later?

I'm trying out the mx-snapshot tool in :mxlinux:

The concept is intriguing.

You set up the computer how you want it and then can make an iso of the system. Two options, one that retains personal accounts and data for backup purposes and one that removes accounts so that you can distribute the iso to others.

I'm trying out the "distribute the iso to others" feature... but I think it will break what I was trying to do as I had the binary and config for in my own user account.

I've been reflecting over something, we need more meme linux distros and i don't mean stuff like arch or the 100 "arch but ez" distros, but actual meme distros, back in the day we had stuff like ubuntu satanic edition, ubuntu muslim edition and ubuntu klingon edition, nowadays what's the best we have, cloverOS, redstarOS and nova?
They may be memes but the people behind are serious, we need a real meme distro to meme them all!.

We are launching Black History month for 3rd graders in Toronto with online speeches about white privilege and supremacy in Canada.

The speakers keep addressing black children only. It has been going on for nearly an hour (my son is 8)

It's clearly liberal indoctrination.

I can't believe how regressive progressivism is. My kids will be home schooled or moved to another system next year

YouTube hated this thumbnail! 

I'm really confused why some people can't disconnect some Mastodon instances being run by insane people from the software itself. If you don't like the instance there are much better instances you can join

I decided to scroll through my followers until I found an instance that sounded appealing, so now we have a new home

@EdBoatConnoisseur @BrodieOnLinux Yea, I'm aware that the owner of mstdn.social has distrotoot.com blocked. It's his server. I have no control over his decision. Although it's funny that he says this is "a gab copy" since politics is frowned upon here. I wonder if he has actually viewed the stuff that goes on here. Oh well. The great thing about the fediverse; if you guys don't like the instance that you are on, you are free to move elsewhere.

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