"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
-George Bernard Shaw

Any folks use some nifty script for managing containers / layout of windows in i3wm? I know I can sort of do it in the config with i3-msg but it leaves much to be desired...

Surprise surprise....suddenly COVID emerging naturally is *not* the only plausible scenario. Just few weeks ago such comments would have you delisted and deplatformed...but now it's ok to ask. I hope all the shammers out there feel stupid for shaming people that were simply asking legitimate questions.

Anthony Fauci is ‘not convinced’ COVID-19 developed naturally


After they found out the virus escaped from china lab what they do? They vaxxed the hell out of us but on the other hand they don't seem to bann those dangerous labs 🧐

Didn't see my step son for 4 months. He just came for a visit to be with me offgrid for 2 weeks in pristine mountain nature.

We hiked, made camp fires, rode our ATVs, collected Pine pollen, learned about trees, harvested downed trees, build bows from young birch, talked about First Nations, build a stone wood outdoor oven and then baked pizza and muffins and bread in it; and played lots outdoor. Things every child should be exposed to.

This is what he wrote when leaving...It melted my heart.

Interestingly, a video was leaked where Zuck expresses serious concerns about taking the vaccine - a comment which under his new FB Vaccine Hesitancy would be blocked! How ironic is that!

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What we will never see on mainstream "media". But after 30-40 years probably will be top news. About 881 people died per month due to the vax adverse reactions. Source VAERS medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfiel

Facebook Whistleblowers LEAK DOCS Detailing Effort to Secretly Censor Vax Concerns on Global Scale


If this law is ever passed by the government we will see the censorship of Internet in Pakistan same as the likes of countries like China and Iran. Even in order to create a YouTube channel we would have to take license from the government and say pro-government and pro-establishment shit for at least 5 minutes of the video... lol Mainstream media is already heavily censored by the government and the establishment.


How to make `ls` look good using lsd w/ nerdfonts (install via cargo) (imo)
alias la='lsd --blocks name,size --group-dirs first --human-readable --total-size'
alias ll='lsd --blocks group,permission,name,size,date --date relative --size short --group-dirs first --human-readable --total-size'
alias ls='lsd --blocks name --group-dirs first"

Took some time off from online world while family is visiting. Will be back soon. Enjoy spring everyone

Hi Everyone
Setup the GH repo Bitbucket sucks, but repo is now setup and you all can try this new emacs distro
SLEEPMACS which is SleepBag + Emacs


For people just trying it out just wget the init.el file that just works

Thanks to everyone who tries it out :>)

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