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@pixelfed I surmise you’ve got a forum for questions and FAQs, or should I just spam you here?

1) I assume I can self host - and if so, so you have a guide?
2) Are there mobile applications in the works for platform usage?
3) Will 5G always be the default limit on an account unless you self-host?
4) If we want to host private photos just for people, what is the encryption like?
5) Will there be a subscription option available? I find I’m more comfortable paying (even if it’s not necessary) to ensure longevity of a service.
6) Linux desktop app?

That’s a start!

@DankyNanky 1) Yes, docs.pixelfed.org

2) Yes we have Android + iOS apps in development and there are 3rd party apps like Fedilab, Tusky, PixelDroid and more.

3) Upload limits are optional, each instance can set its own limit or no limit at all.

4) We do not encrypt media

5) We do not have built in subscriptions but you can donate to our patreon!

6) We don't have a desktop app yet, we will work on that after the mobile apps are released.

@pixelfed @DankyNanky maybe I don't understand the complexity, but why would you need a desktop program if we are talking about a website? I guess webbrowsers should be enough.. Maybe with a desktop link directly to the page..


@clerian @pixelfed - it isn't a "need" more than a want. I personally prefer using a desktop application for services than web wherever possible. Might revert to - github.com/jiahaog/nativefier

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