friendly reminder that we never got rid of all the nukes, we just think about launching them less now

Water is good for you year round. If you're thirsty, you're dehydrated.

How to Monitor Blood Pressure Without Raising It

Does anyone actually enjoy the sensation of being squeezed by a blood pressure cuff? Well, as Mom used to say, it takes all kinds. For those who find the feeling nearly faint-inducing, take heart: researc…

Original tweet :

I know email is so 1990, but, guess what, it works. I love it. Then again, I'm just not a live IM person anymore.

The internet in a nutshell.
Bans Scams Jews and snakes.

My favorite new command: zoxide is like a faster z / autojump / fasd.

Summary: it learns your "cd" commands, then lets you jump to one based on pattern matching. In the event of a tie, it picks the one you've used most frequently and recently. For instance, if I type "z do" it executes "cd ~/Library/Application Support/MultiDoge" for me because that's the best match for "do" in recent history.

I didn't even know I'd been missing a tool like this.

I adored #MicrosoftMobile shame #Microsoft culled it. Bizarre seeing Microsoft now trying to sell a flip mobile device, the “duo” but it’s Android. If Microsoft carried on with its own mobile platform we would have had cross mobile apps. But they culled MSMobile and the import language of all apps regardless of OS

wonder how the spanish flu would have went if people had just washed their hands

Report: Facebook a ‘Hotbed of Child Sexual Abuse Material’ with 20M Incidents

Remember the attempt to shut down PornHub?

"Google had 546,704 incidents, Twitter found 65,062, Snapchat reported 144,095, and TikTok found 22,692."

Even MindGeek, the Canada-based parent company of multiple porn websites including Pornhub, RedTube, and YouPorn, reported far fewer incidents than Facebook. MindGeek reported 13,229 reports.

Cheap feeds the addiction of wanting more than we need.

Gerry McGovern, World Wide Waste April, 2020

"Penpot is a browser-based design and prototyping tool entirely opensource and free to use for everyone. I can’t emphasise enough how much freely available software like this helps creators in less affluent parts of the world"

#FreeSoftware #OpenSourceDesign 🎨

I'm gettin' real close to making my own RSS feed reader.

I don't want a GUI but newsboat is feeling just oddly clunky and annoying to navigate tbh.

And no, I will not use emacs.

I would honestly prefer waiting at blank page with a progress meter until all the assets have loaded so that the layout can be computed and THEN dispayed over a Web page that jumps and morphs around as the media comes in.

Today I discovered that somebody has ranked all the US presidents, along with (sometimes amusing) factoids about each one. Most importantly, she did it with wit and style:

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