I asked this knowing that last night it wasn't working before I went to bed. And this morning it's working fine...? I hadn't checked yet. Anyway, anyone with any ideas as to what or why it happened/might happen again would still be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone have any idea why Arco Linux keeps not accepting my user password? I have to use passwd to reset it, but as far as passwd, /etc/shadow /etc/login.defs and /etc/passwd are concerned my password is fine and functioning. Despite the fact that it's obviously not. I reset it yesterday and it worked for a few hours only to not be accepted again. There's no expiration set or anything like that. And the su password remains fine.

Officially running Arco on bare metal! No more having to live in a VM to enjoy the wonder and bliss of Linux! :D
Getting everything set up just right has been a hassle, and probably I'll take a break from it today and set up a Gemini server for funsies. But still, I'm super excited and happy that I have it and that it's functioning.

My SSD just arrived. By this time tomorrow I'll be running Arco on bare metal, no more VM life! :D

I plan on getting a couple of members of my family some old ThinkPads and installing Linux for them. Likely I'll go with Plasma as the DE since it's lightweight and simple and has phone control + sharing which they'll make use of. Was thinking Debian or Ubuntu, but if ya'll have any ideas of easy to use for Windows people distros with a 'good' GUI package installer that's easy enough for me to do quick support work for then I'm keen on hearing your input. Btw, I'll be running Arch on mine.

Also, if anyone could explain to me how I can type one " and I'll get two, except in f strings.
won't automagically give me the second " but in any other circumstance, I'll get it.

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A visual example of what I mean. I can type ( and it places a ) on its own, which I type my own ) when I get there and it replaces it. But it doesn't do the same with the colon.

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Anyone know why Doom Emacs allows me to type any of the following ) ' " ] } and it automatically just replaces the one it placed, but if it places a colon : then it doesn't replace it and I wind up with two? Then I need to backspace and either use arrows to navigate, hit escape and h/l navigate, or preemptively hit delete. None of which is the ideal scenario in my head. It should just replace anything it sets down.
This is in Python files, maybe others too. Haven't tried. Emacs 27.1 Doom 2.0.9

I can't leave Windows because of gaming, and an unsure trajectory in IT. But I think I'll get another 1TB SSD to put Arco on and switch out the SSDs as needed, since I've been running Linux in a VM for a couple weeks without touching Windows outside of it. :D


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