Wow! I have just found out that with jellyfin you can share the link to a stream and anyone can download it from your server without an account or any kind of authentication. I shared a link with my other account and downloaded it through Tor without having to login to the jellyfin server. Also with a guest account, anyone who logs in as guest can change the password. This is not safe.

I got to say, I am incredibility impressed with mastodon and how everything works. I really do believe this is the future of social media. Not the near future unfortunately, but people will come around.

I recorded a screen capture on the laptop I'm running the instance from and I didn't realise there was a bug until I had stitched all the parts together in Shotcut and encoded it in lossless which took over an hour.

The bug was that when I minimised Simple Screen Recorder it never actually minimised in the video it was recording. I never played it back after recording. I will now always check my recording to make sure that they are displaying as expected.

I am stupid. 😋

YouTube hated this thumbnail! 


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