Did not play that one, but:
Willy Beamish
Rise of the Dragon
Kings Quest especially 5 and 6
Quest for Glory were all great.

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Im using a POS laptop that schools buy because they are cheap and durable, from 8 years ago. So I am trying to live that minimalist life with it. I use Gentoo so extra compiling is not in the cards.

I also work with a windows computer. The XMonad is faster and it handles switching windows better than clunky MS but being able to drag files into the upload window on a web browser is just more convenient. Or open libre office and drag the file I want into the window and it opens.

When using XMonad or some other wm, what are some features that are typically stock on normal DMs do you miss until you get them set up?

For me it's opening two file managers and dragging files from one to the other. Or file manager with thumbnail views.

@derek @syscrash

We can just use the Arch logo for that.

"I pity the fool who doesn't use Arch, btw." -MrT

@david @sammi_turner 1) Not a common interest.
2) If they spend all their time sending pictures of waifus, it will annoy me.


I think if I make my own instance it will have a no weeaboo policy, for sure.

Is there a way to block all content that contains the word 'waifu'?😂

@ant that's super helpful to know where the bottleneck will be. Thanks!

I noticed that Mastodon, Nextcloud and pixelfed are all fediverse and compatible with activitypub.

Is there a good place to go in order to calculate server requirements?

I'm looking at maybe $60 per year. Could that server feasibly run a 5 person email server with Nextcloud and a mastodon instance?

Can you straddle across multiple instances? Eg if I want to have a LBRY account on a LBRY instance, can I link it with my account on @distrotoot.com ?

@Bogamol Haha just checked out Lynx. Its actually really cool that there are terminal web browsers.

@Bogamol @pink

apologies, i briefly confused Stalin with Lenin's wife, and Tolstoy with Gorky. 😁

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