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I got a computer from 2008 that has an Core 2 Duo CPU and 2 GB RAM. I wanna install Ubuntu Mate with a Windows 95/98/2000 look and feel. Anyone knows a theme for that?

I just tried the Brave's new search engine and it definetly needs lots of improvements

Finnaly I found a Mastodon cient that supports Android 4.4.2. This means I can use my Galaxy note 3 as my daily driver .

Pyrocast ( is a WIP GTK/libhandy #podcast client written in #Rust. It's fast and has directory search. Sadly development seems to have stopped back in September, but we hope that it's not abandoned.

Now on! #LINMOBapps #LinuxPhoneApps #pinephone #librem5

I wonder why nobody made a extention for DWM that allows configuring it just by a dwm.conf file inside .config folder 🤔

I switched to Cinnamon DE on my laptop. It runs faster than KDE.

Galaxy Phones from 2010-2014 > Galaxy Phones from 2015-2021

I just downloaded the Facebook data leak and luckily nobodoy from my family has been leaked. :blobcatancap:

Have anyone tried Anarchy installer? It says we can get the easy way :arch_linux: on our systems :D

I found a thing named "Arch Linux installer".
It's Arch linux but installs like ArcoLinux and i can select which DE i want this is very nice. And i guess i will go with it.

I gonna make a clean vanilla Arch installation at next week and for this i backed up everything, deleted ArcoLinux, installed Ubuntu, installed Virtualbox and created lots of VM's for testing. When i achieve the perfect installation i will get .vdi as a dd image and write it to my main HDD. Wish me luck.

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