@kev So seeing this do you see any potential use for NFT in the future?

@Ashfall every time you need proof of ownership but not the objet itself.

Think of owners of land, property, stock etc.

If you don't need any lawyers or other specialists for bookkeeping who owns which property (with all the fees & taxes this entails) then transfer of those things will get a lot cheaper.

If you trade a house in europe you usually pay 5-figures just as transaction-fees to the people doing the neccessary paperwork.

@Drezil It's similar in the US and that's a great use case. Thank you

@Ashfall @Drezil except it will never happen since those fees are a massive source of income for the councils and the lawyers. Way too much interest from all sides in keeping things the way they are.

@fedops @Drezil but if seller and buyer agree I don't see how they can stop it without causing more issues. If you say well they'll need loans, a new loaning system will be created for the crypto space. I can see it as an evolution of the system in place

@Ashfall @Drezil it's not loans or anything reasonable, it's about revenue streams for incorporated cities or towns. It's doesn't add anything besides the book-keeping, it's just a centuries-old privilege they keep milking because they can.

@fedops @Drezil I get what you are saying. My comment was more stating that if the two individuals or entities are willing to exchange using crypto there isn't anything anyone can really do about it unless they are willing to open pandora's box of problems. At least that's what I see.

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