After replacing with recently, I was lucky enough to discover this forked version of :

^ That particular branch handles multiple monitors in a much more graceful fashion imo. Definitely worth a look.

Incredible! Steam has found me the *best* deal at ~$200 for the Cities: Skylines Collection.

*slyly moves over to game pass to play it for free*

After using the fantastic xautolock binary to handle monitor off/sleep/suspend events on my Linux host, I've recently discovered the magic that is xidlehook:

Not only does it seem to have more granularity in terms of how events can be configured, but it has "cancellers" which are scripts that trigger in the event a timer is interrupted by the user. Frankly, it's superb.

For some reason I subconsciously decided that I'd physically watch the entire migration of my files over to Nextcloud. I know what you're thinking - "but 5ysk3y, surely it would have been better to leave it running overnight or something, it'll probably take a while", and to that I say "you are correct and I hate you for it".

I live in regret.

All this talk of servers and suddenly I realise how much of a pain it is to use for syncing. I think it may be time to take the plunge...

Fairly productive weekend. I configured an on-premises Bitwarden Instance, along with a VPN service to enable that to work (should I need it) away from home. Considering I've never configured either of these things, I'm pleased to have set it all up so quickly.

Question for you: What cool service/QoL improvement/thing have you implemented recently?

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Huh, it turns out that you can only have 4 poll options. Either that or its something to do with the length of the toot - the Mastodon error was a bit non-descript.

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Here's a controversial topic: Password managers. I know, I know. Yours is the best and I won't take that away from you. I'd still be curious to see what people gravitate towards though so, in that vein, have a poll.

Also wouldn't mind knowing *why* you use a given choice. It has a CLI? A good browser extension? Something else?

FYI: I've just started dabbling with BitWarden myself having used Lastpass for years. If your choice isn't here then let me know what that is if you're comfortable.

Messing around with FreeTube this afternoon. There are so many awesome open-source projects that I had no idea existed, many of them also being genuinely transformative in my day-to-day activities.

I’m curious to know what terminals, browsers, window managers etc etc people use in their own workflows.

Mystery of the Mastodon login woes has been solved. As always, it was end user error. Occasionally you can’t fix stupid it seems.

Having real problems with my Mastodon account. No matter how many times I reset the password it consistently tells me my login is incorrect when signing in. Even if I use something that I know off-by-heart with 2FA as a backup. Must have done 5+ resets now and its just starting to grate on me.

Time to see what this Mastadon thing is all about. I'm typically adverse to using social network but I'll give this one a chance.


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